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Cooperative Programs

The New Mexico OSHA offers a variety of cooperative programs whose goals are to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses by helping businesses identify workplace hazards and find effective, economical solutions for eliminating or controlling them. The services performed by the Cooperative Program section are free and participation by employers is voluntary. The cooperative programs have helped many New Mexico businesses lower their costs associated with workers compensation claims and increase their efficiency and productivity.


                                                              On-site Consultation

The major cooperative program offered by New Mexico OSHA is a free and confidential consultation service operated separately from the Compliance Program. A group of highly qualified occupational safety and health professionals are available to help employers

            a) detect potential hazards

            b) establish safe and healthful workplaces.

The consultation program does not issue citations or propose penalties. Employers are required to correct any identified hazards as a condition of receiving program services.

The consultation booklet contains extensive information about the variety of services available and a Request Form to be used for obtaining the services of the Cooperative Program.



A free training tool titled "Rodeway Safety +" has been developed by OSHA and the The Roadway Work Zone Safety and Health Partners Alliance. This interactive tool is presented in English, SPanish, and Portuguese and consists of 22 modules related to roadway safety. A copy of this comprehensive and informative tool can be obtained from this web site:



The Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) serves as the OSHA Training Institutes Southwest Education Center.  TEEX has scheduled the following OSHA courses at three locations in New Mexico. Visit their web site to find more information and to register for these classes.


Date Course Location Description
5 Apr to 8 Apr OSH510 Albuquerque S&H Standards for the Construction Standards
15 Apr to 17 Apr PRT301 Hobbs* PSM Survival
19 Apr to 23 Apr OSH500 Albuquerque Trainer for S&H Standards for Construction
12 May to 14 May PRT302 Hobbs* PSM Auditor


* These classes are offered for free as part of the Susan B Harward grant.


The Associated Contractors of New Mexico (ACNM) offers safety training. Please refer to their web site for more information. The following table shows upcoming classes which will be held at 6135 Edith, NE in Albuquerque.

Date Course Description
30 Mar to 02 Apr OSH511 Standards for General Industry
20 Apr to 22 Apr OSH3010 Excavation, Trenching & Soil Mechanics
27 Apr to 29 Apr OSH2264 Permit Required Confined Space Entry
30 Apr OSH7410 Managing Excavation Hazards
04 May to 07 May OSH501 Trainer Course for General Industry
25 May to 26 May OSH7505 Introduction to Accident Investigation
27 May OSH700 Digital Photography for Accident Investigation
15 Jun to 18 Jun OSH701 Advance Accident Investigation
29 Jun to 01 July OSH2045 Machinery & Machine Guarding Standards
02 Jul OSH7845 Record keeping Rule Materials
06 Jul to 09 Jul OSH510 Standards for Construction
17 Aug to 19 Aug OSH2015 Hazardous Materials
21 Sep to 24 Sep OSH500 Trainer Course for Construction Industry
05 Oct to 07 Oct OSH3110 Fall Protection
08 Oct OSH7300 OSHA's Permit Required Confined Space Standard
16 Nov to 19 Nov OSH511 Standards for General Industry
07 Dec to 10 Dec OSH501 Trainer Course for General Industry




The San Juan College/School of Energy, located in Farmington New Mexico, offers various degree and specialized training programs including occupational safety and health and oil and gas related topics. For information about the San Juan College visit this web site: . The safety training is provided within the School of Energy. Information on the School of Energy can be found at this web site: To quickly reference detailed information about the Occupational Safety program reference this web site: .


Central New Mexico Community College in Albuquerque offers various Safety and Health classes through their Safety Academy. More information can be found on their Workforce Training Center.


Midland College offers classes as part of its Risk Management Institute. These FREE classes may be of interest to the residents of our southeast portion of the state. For more information visit this web site: Midland College Continuing Education - Risk Management


Disclaimer: OHSB has posted references to these training programs. No specific endorsement by OHSB is intended. The sites are posted for the convenience of anyone who may want to evaluate the programs.


     Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP)

The OHS Bureau has a Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program for businesses that have worked with the consultation program for at least one year and meet certain safety criteria. As a recipient of the SHARP award, an employer may qualify for an exemption from Compliance General Scheduled inspections.

Current employers in the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program are as follows:

AUI (Shop and Yard) Albuquerque
Basic Energy Services RAFT Bloomfield
Basic Energy Services Well Servicing Bloomfield
Craftics, Inc. Albuquerque
Crego Block Company Albuquerque

Jule-Art Inc.


Lumber Products Albuquerque
Pro-Build/Abuquerque Millwork ad WIndows Albuquerque

Sennheiser New Mexico, LLC


Tri-State Generating and Transmission Prewitt

Congratulations to those employers listed above who have participated in the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program. An employer who meets all the initial eligibility requirements for SHARP, corrects all hazards identified during the consultation visit, and shows reasonable promise of achieving SHARP status may be approved as a pre-SHARP participant. The pre-SHARP designation gives the employer a deferral from OSHA's programmed inspections for up to 18 months.

Extensive information is available in the SHARP Booklet.

If you have any questions, please contact Gene Ostmeyer at (505) 476-8723.



               Zia Star Voluntary Protection Program

On February 14, 2001 New Mexico OSHA formally adopted the Zia Star voluntary protection program to recognize those work sites that are self sufficient in identifying and controlling workplace hazards. ZIA Star members successfully protect their employees from fatality, injury and illness by implementing comprehensive and effective workplace safety and health management systems.

The Voluntary Protection Programs Policies and Procedures Manual is available for review. New Mexico applies these policies and procedures only in the general industry sector of the workforce. New Mexico OSHA's policies differ slightly from the above manual because OHSB only recognizes establishments who meet the highest level of participation described as "Star" members.

Congratulations to the following ZIA Star members:

Conoco Phillips San Juan Gas Plant Bloomfield
Conoco Phillips Wingate Fractionator Gallup
Georgia-Pacific Corporation Santa Teresa
Honeywell Aerospace Albuquerque Albuquerque
Intel Corporation Rio Rancho
Nabors Well Services Ltd. Hobbs
Nabors Well Services Ltd. Carlsbad
NextEra Energy Resources House
The Roco Corporation

Rio Rancho

Tri-State Generating and Transmission Prewitt
For questions or more information, please contact Howard Gentry at (505) 222-9503 or Melissa Barker at (505) 222-9595.



                          Strategic Partnerships

New Mexico OSHA has established several strategic partnerships with groups of employers and employees. These partnerships are designed to encourage, assist, and recognize efforts to eliminate serious hazards and achieve a high degree of employee safety and health. Members of the partnership share resources to focus on common safety issues.

Members of a partnership who commit to making safety and health improvements may be deferred for up to six months from any programmed inspections.

The following partnerships have been established by New Mexico OSHA.

ABC CLAS - Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. Construction Leaders Agreement for Safety has 23 members at three levels of participation working together to improve safety in the construction industry. Contact Howard Gentry for more information.

ACNM - The Associated Contractors of New Mexico has recently created a Heavy Highway Construction Safety Partnership. Melissa Barker is actively seeking members to join with the eight current members.

AGC CHASE - Associated General Contractors of America Construction Health and Safety Excellence has 27 members at three levels of participation committed to improving safety in the construction industry. Contact Don Rideout for more information.

ASA SHIP - American Subcontractors Association of New Mexico has recently created a Safety and Health Initiative Partners Agreement dedicated to improving safety in the commercial construction industry. Contact Howard Gentry for more information.

CARES - Construction Agreement for Residential Employee Safety has 28 members at three levels of participation working together to improve safety in residential construction. Contact Eddie Dominquez for more information.

CCP - Cooperative Compliance Partnership is a unique partnership between New Mexico OSHA and a company for the duration of a specific construction project. OHSB currently has an agreement with CH2M Hill Inc. for the Buckman DIrect Diversion Project to bring water from the Rio Grande to Santa Fe. Contact Howard Gentry for more information.

NUCA - National Utility Contractors Association Zia Partnership is dedicated to improving the safety and health conditions and requirements for the New Mexico construction workplaces. There are currently 4 members. Contact Howard Gentry for more information.
Oil & Gas - Oil & Gas Safe Site Program is a partnership consisting of companies involved in processing oil and gas. There are currently six members in this program. See this brochure for details. See Carol Walker for more information.
SOARS - Safety, Ownership, Awareness, Respect, and Success. The Mechanical Contractors Association of New Mexico Workers' Compensation Group Fund and New Mexico OSHA have established a cooperative partnership to foster, maintain, and improve the safety and health conditions for commercial construction workers and workplaces. See Howard Gentry for more information.



The Alliance Program, operated by New Mexico OSHA, works with trade, professional, and labor organizations; with educational institutions and government agencies. The alliance allows groups who share a common interest in improving workplace safety and health to work with New Mexico OSHA to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses. A formal agreement is signed with goals that address training and education, outreach and communication. Alliance agreements do not include an enforcement component and participants do not receive an exemption or deferral from OSHA's programmed inspections.

FC ASSE - Four Corners chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers works with New Mexico OSHA to promote safety in the northwest area of New Mexico. Contact Melissa Barker for more information.

An alliance has been created among New Mexico OSHA, the New Mexico chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers (Zia Chapter), the Building Industry Association of Southern New Mexico, and the Construction Trades Partnership. The purpose of this alliance is to provide employees and employers with information, guidance, and access to training  resources. The agreement provides more details.

NMJC - New Mexico Junior College located in Hobbs has formed an alliance with New Mexico OSHA to promote safety. Contact Melissa Barker for more information.

SJC - San Juan College located in Farmington has formed an alliance with New Mexico OSHA to promote safety. Contact Melissa Barker for more information.

CNMCC - Central New Mexico Community College located in Albuquerque has formed an alliance with New Mexico OSHA to expand education of work place safety in New Mexico. Contact Howard Gentry for more information.

OHSB has formed an alliance with the Associated Energy Servicing Companies in the Permian Basin. The primary goal of the alliance is to provide health and safety training to Spanish-speaking workers in the well servicing industry in southeastern New Mexico.




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