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Fugitive Dust Control Techniques and Businesses


Disclaimer: This list has been drawn from sources generally available to the public and is intended solely to assist in identifying potential service and product providers. The New Mexico Environment Department Air Quality Bureau disclaims any warranty, expressed or implied, regarding the services or products of the listed providers. Furthermore, the New Mexico Environment Department Air Quality Bureau does not promote or endorse any service provider or product, whether listed or not listed, over any other provider or product.

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Guidance Documents for Dust Control –

Links to Technical information on fugitive dust

Chemical Suppressants

Salts Petroleum Emulsions
Other Emulsions Polymers
Surfactants Dust Control Foams
Lignon Sulfonate Other Chemical Suppressants

Other Dust Control Techniques

Fibers, Mulches and Geotextiles Windscreens
Water Spray/Dry Fog Systems Revegetation/Land Restoration
Dust Control Consulting Businesses  


Petroleum Emulsions

  • Asphotac — Petroleum Asphalt Emulsion Dustbeater Enterprises, Inc.
  • Coherex — petroleum resin emulsion
  • Retain — asphalt emulsion
  • DOPE30 — Dust Oil Penetrating Emulsion asphalt emulsion and calcium liginsulfinate
  • Earthbind — petroleum emulsion
  • Pennzsuppress D FlowPro 1505 petroleum resin emulsion
  • Road Pro — asphalt emulsion

Other Emulsions



Lignin Sulfonates

Other Chemical Suppressants

Dust Control Foams

Other Dust Control Techniques

Fibers, Mulches, and Geotextiles

  • Fiber mulch covering — Central Fiber Corp
  • North American Green — erosion control blankets
  • Agri-Fiber
  • A/F 2000
  • Fiberwood — hydroseeding mulch
  • Fibercraft — hydromulch cellolose fiber
  • Stabilizer — organic binder
  • Dewatered Residual Wood Fiber
  • Soil Guard — bonded fiber matrix
  • Excel-Fibermulch II — aspen wood mulch
  • Cellulose Fiber
  • Sentinel — hydrophilic colloid derived from seed husks
  • Ecotak-OP and Ecotak-SAT
  • Curlex erosion control blankets



WeatherSolve Structures – Windbreaks and other structures

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln provides numerous article on windbreaks, including:

Please visit the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for more information


Water Spray/Dry Fog Systems

Revegetation/Land Restoration

Plants of the Southwest


Dust Control Consulting Businesses

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