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Air Quality Bureau

Greenhouse Gas Reporting

Repeal of Greenhouse Gas Rules

On February 6, 2012, the Environmental Improvement Board (EIB) approved the repeal of 20.2.300 NMAC – Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, 20.2.301 NMAC – Greenhouse Gas Reporting – Verification Requirements, and 20.2.350 NMAC – Greenhouse Gas Cap-and-Trade Provisions. The effective date of these repeals was March 14, 2012. Please follow the requirements of 20.2.73 NMAC in reporting greenhouse gas emissions.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory – Reporting and Quantification Procedures

2015 GHG Reporting Notification

2015 GHG Reporting and Quantification Procedures

2014 NMED GHG EI Presentation

Other helpful GHG Reporting items:

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