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Information for Aggregate, Hot Mix Asphalt, and Concrete Batch Plants

The Air Quality Bureau (AQB) offers two types of air quality permit options for aggregate, hot mix asphalt, and concrete batch plants.


Option 1: General Construction Permit (GCP)

General Construction Permits (GCP) are permits that the AQB developed for source-specific types of operations or equipment that emit similar air pollutants. There are three types of GCPs that address the construction industries:

  • GCP-2 is for Quarrying, Crushing, and Screening Facilities
  • GCP-3 is for Hot Mix Asphalt Plants
  • GCP-5 is for Concrete Batch Plants

Facilities must apply to register under a GCP by submitting an application to the AQB for review. This type of permit allows the AQB to approve or deny a registration for the facility in 30 days. GCPs are very specific and a facility must meet all of the requirements listed in the permit.

For more information and to obtain the registration application form, please refer to the Air Quality Permit Application Forms (Permitting Options for the Aggregate and Construction Industries). Before submitting the application, review the GCP registration thoroughly and make sure your facility can meet all of the permit requirements. If your facility cannot meet all of the requirements of the permit, such as distance setbacks, production limits, and others, see Option 2 below.

Option 2: Construction Permit

If your facility cannot meet all the requirements of a specific GCP, you will need to fill out the Universal Application form and apply for a Construction Permit. This type of permit can offer facilities more flexibility compared to GCPs. The Universal Application may be found at Air Quality Permit Application Forms (Permitting Options for the Aggregate and Construction Industries).

What’s modeling?

Air quality dispersion modeling is also required for a Construction Permit. This is a computer-generated model or mathematical way of looking at pollution emitted from a facility to its surrounding neighbors. Models determine if dust or smoke pollution leaving a facility is dispersed to levels lower or higher than the air quality standards. The facility owner will need to hire an environmental consultant to complete the modeling.

Additional information about both permit options, including staff contacts, can be found in the following handouts:

Aggregate Plant Permitting Fact Sheet

Hot Mix Asphalt Plant Permitting Fact Sheet

Concrete Batch Plant Permitting Fact Sheet

Recordkeeping Forms for GCP-2: Aggregate, GCP-3: Hot Mix Asphalt, and GCP-5: Concrete Batch Plants

Maintaining records of various activities at a facility is a requirement of all air quality permits and not doing so is one of the most common types of violations found by air quality inspectors. To assist permit holders in their efforts to keep records and stay in compliance, the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program has created recordkeeping forms and instructions that can be found at:

Frequently Requested Forms

The following checklists can be used to perform an evaluation of your facility:

GCP-2 Aggregate Plants – Compliance Assessment Checklist

GCP-3 Hot Mix Asphalt Plants – Compliance Assessment Checklist

GCP-5 Concrete Batch Plants – Compliance Assessment Checklist

Fugitive Dust Control for Aggregate, Hot Mix Asphalt and Concrete Batch Plants

Air quality permits for aggregate, asphalt and concrete batch plants require control of fugitive emissions from equipment and haul roads. Additional information about fugitive dust control can be found here:

Maintaining Dust Control Equipment

Fugitive Dust Control Techniques and Businesses

Do you still have questions?

If so, contact the Small Business Environmental Assistance program at:

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