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Permit Applications with Public Interest, Public Meeting, or Public Hearing

 For additional information on permitting applications with public notice postings that do not have public interest expressed, public meetings or a public hearing scheduled, go here.


PG Enterprises LLC- Rio Rancho Facility – New Source Review application 8661

Driving Directions: The facility is located 0.32 miles northwest of the intersection of Northern Blvd NE and Loma Colorado Blvd NE on Lumberman Road NE, Lots 5-8, Block 86, S.E. portion of Unit 13, Rio Rancho Estates, in Rio Rancho, NM in Sandoval County.

Original Application


3 Bear Delaware Operating – NM LLC – 3 Bear Libby Gas Plant – New Source Review application 7482M1

Lea County – 16.2 miles SW of Monument.

Original Application

Revised Application

Revised Application Calculations

Revised Application Tables

Engine Information

Public Notice – 3 Bear Delaware Operating – NM LLC / 3 Bear Libby Gas Plant – NSR 7482M1

Draft Statement of Basis 

Draft Database Summary

Draft NSR Permit

NSR Permit Parts B and C


Associated Asphalt and Materials. LLC – Santa Fe Facility – New Source Review application 8585

Driving Directions: From the intersection of Airport Rd. and Veteran’s Memorial Hwy in Santa Fe, NM travel west on Airport Rd. for 0.18 miles to Colony Dr. Turn north on Colony Dr for 0.1 miles and turn east on Paseo de River. Travel on Paseo del River for 0.7 miles to the site.

Application (PDF)

Public Notice – Associated Asphalt and Materials LLC / Santa Fe Facility


Department’s Analysis:

Statement of Basis

Modeling Review


Existing Associated Asphalt and Materials, LLC permits proposed for consolidation in NSR Application 8585:

Plant #5 HMA

Permit NSR 0803

Relocation NSR 0803R1

Plant#2 HMA

Permit NSR 0052M1

Administrative Revision NSR 0052M1R1

Crushing and Screening Plant

Approval Letter GCP 2 – 6195

GCP 2 Permit


A public meeting was held by Associated Asphalt and Materials, LLC on February 7, 2020.

A public hearing has been approved by the Department.
Notification of the public hearing date, place, and time will be published well in advance.

An “Introduction to Air Quality Permitting” overview will be provided by the Air Quality Bureau before the public hearing.


XTO – Husky Gas Plant and CDP – Prevention of Significant Deterioration application 8245

Eddy County – 14.3 miles northeast of Loving.

Original Application

Original Excel Version of Tab 2 of the Application (UA2 Form – Application Tables)

Updated Application Pages (12/04/2019)

Best Achievable Control Technology (BACT) Review

PSD Additional Impacts

Department of Energy’s Cost and Performance Baseline for Fossil Energy Plants

FE/NETL CO2 Transport Cost Model (2018): Model Overview

Public Notice – XTO Energy Inc / Husky Gas Plant and CDP – PSD 8245


Los Alamos – US Dept of Energy Nat’l Nuclear Security Admn

Permit No P100R2M4

SOB P100R2M4



American Gypsum – Bernalillo (Wallboard) Plant – (NSR 0689M3)

Application – NSR- 0689M3


Perovich Properties dba Taos Gravel Products / Portable Asphalt Plant 2 – (GCP-3 #4509)

The Air Quality Bureau (AQB) is keeping a list of concerns and questions communicated to Bureau about the Taos Gravel Products relocation notice and will continue to address issues raised. Our plan is to publish an update letter on our web site and also e-mail it to interested parties. This second letter will address any new issues raised that were not addressed in our 4/10/19 letter to concerned citizens. The timing of this new letter will depend on the nature and quantity of new issues raised, but, at a minimum, will be by April 22, 2019. In order to be fully informed, be sure to read the Public Response Letter RE: Taos Gravel Products Relocation Notification found below.

Relocation Approval – Taos Gravel Products GCP3-4509

Second Public Response Letter – RE: Taos Gravel Products

Public Response Letter RE: Taos Gravel Products Relocation Notification

Taos Gravel Products GCP3-4509 – Notification

GCP3-4509 – Equipment List

GCP3-4509 – Required Attachments

Facility Layout Map

Facility Location Map

Public Notice Posting

General Construction Permit – GCP3


L J Pacheco Trucking / Pachaco Crushing Faciliy – (NSR 8142)

Universal Air Quality Permit Application

Proof of Public Notice

Air Dispersion Modeling Summary for Permit No. 8142


Camino Real Landfill [Solid Waste] – NSR 7592

Statement of Basis

Final Permit

Universal Air Quality Permit Application

Application Summary Section 3

Air Dispersion Modeling Report

Emissions and Equipment Summary [Excel Read-Only Report]

English Version Public Notice for NSR-7592

Noticia pública en Español NSR-7592


Lea Power Partners, LLC – CAMS (New Mexico) LLC – Hobbs Generating Station – (PSD 3449M5)

AQB Best Available Control Technology (BACT) Analysis

Permit Draft Part A – PSD 3449M5

Permit Draft Parts B & C – PSD 3449M5

AQB Area Modeling Review – PSD 3449M5

Statement of Basis (SOB) Draft- PSD 3449M5

Pre-Construction Air Monitoring Waiver Request – Major Modification to PSD Permit 3449-M5

Hobbs Generating Station Universal Application Revisions UA2 & UA3

Hobbs Generating Station – UA4 Revision 1 – PSD 3449M5

Hobbs Generating Station Universal Air Permit Application – PSD 3449M5 (Part 1)

Hobbs Generating Station Universal Air Permit Application – PSD 3449M5 (Part 2A)

Hobbs Generating Station Universal Air Permit Application – PSD 3449M5 (Part 2B)

Hobbs Generating Station Universal Air Permit Application – PSD 3449M5 (Part 3)


Four Peaks Energy LLC – Four Peaks Energy Plant No1 – (NSR 3275M2)

Air Quality Permit for NSR 3275M2

Statement of Basis for 3275M2


Mountain States Constructors Inc – Hot Mix Asphalt Facility – (GCP3-4076) RE12

Application for Relocation No12


Four Peaks Energy LLC – ENERGYneering Solutions, Inc (Public Notice 3275M2)

Statement of Basis for NSR-3275M2


Draft-3275M2-Parts B & C

English Version Public Notice for NSR-3275M2

Noticia pública en Español NSR-3275M2

Permit Application NSR-3275M2 (Part 1 of 3)

Permit Application (Part 2 of 3)

Permit Application (Part 3 of 3)


Camino Real Environmental Center – Camino Real Landfill (Public Notice 7592)

*******Application Withdrawn (Permit No. 7592)******

English Version Public Notice for NSR-7592

Noticia pública en Español NSR-7592

Application NSR 7592

Application Sections 3-5 NSR 7592

Application Sections 6-7 Calculations NSR 7592

Application Sections 8-20 Map, Public notice NSR 7592

Air Modeling Report NSR 7592

Potential to Emit Emissions Summary – Excel Format NSR 7592


Gavilon Grain, LLC – dba – Peavey West Clovis Animal Feed Mfg Facility

Permit Application NSR 2910M2


Los Alamos National Laboratory – TA-3 Power Plant (NSR 2195BM3)

********Note: Complete application resides in BOTH links listed below: Part 1/Part 2

Permit Application (Part 1) NSR 2195BM3

Permit Application NSR 2195BM3 (Part 2)

DRAFT Statement of Basis – Narrative NSR Permit – 2195BM3


Pilot Travel Centers LLC – Pilot Travel Center No.1111

Permit Application NOI 7665


Elam Construction – Kirkland Sand and Gravel Plant (NSR 7621)

Permit Application NSR 7621 (Part 1)

Application (Part 2) NSR 7621

Application (Part 3) NSR 7621

Application (Part 4) NSR 7621

Application (Section 5) Facility Map NSR 7621


Occidental Chemical Corporation – Aventine Terminal (NSR 7432)

Application NSR 7432

Rangeland NM, LLC – Rio Terminal (NSR 5332M1)

Application NSR 5332M1

DCP Midstream LP – Zia II Gas Plant (PSD5217M2)

Permit PSD5217M2 Draft

Materials from RBLC reviewed for permit PSD5217M2

Statement of Basis Draft for PSD5217M2


 Schlumberger Technology Corporation – Hobbs District Bulk Facility (2715M1)

Initial Permit Application:

Statement of Basis 2715M1-(04/24/2017)

Application 2715M1_Section 3 (03/08/2017)

Gate Notice (03/08/2017)

Hobbs Sun Page Notice (03/08/2017)

Fig 8-1 Vicinity Aerial View (03/08/2017)

Fig 5-1 Site Plan (03/08/2017)

Figure 4-1 Cement Plant Plan View (03/08/2017)

Table 6-1 Emission Calculations (03/08/2017)

Application_2715 (04/06/2017)

Section 7 attachments_(04/06/17)

Schlumberger_Revised A-2715 (3/30/2017)

Revised A-2715-STCHobbs-UA2-Rev1 (3/30/2017)

Updated Section 3-2715 (04/07/2017)

Updated Table 2-A[1]-04/06/2017


































For more information regarding the EIB hearing contact:

Pam Castaneda, Hearing Clerk

Environmental Improvement Board

1190 St. Francis Drive, Room S-2102

Santa Fe, NM 87505


The EIB Hearing 15-02(A) originally scheduled for May 29, 2015 was rescheduled for October 16, 2015 and now for December 17, 2015. Please see the revised December EIB 15-02(A) Hearing Notice for more information.