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The New Mexico State Implementation Plan (SIP) for Clean Air

What is a SIP?

All states have to develop state implementation plans (SIPs) that explain how each will comply with the requirements of the Clean Air Act. The SIP is defined as the collection of programs, policies and rules that states use to enforce the federal air quality standards. The states must involve the public, through hearings and opportunities to comment, in the development of each state implementation plan. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) must approve each SIP, and if a SIP is not acceptable, EPA can assume enforcement of the Clean Air Act in that state. There is only one SIP for each state; all later submittals to EPA are SIP revisions to that single comprehensive plan. The state rules adopted and submitted to EPA to enforce SIP requirements become part of the SIP. The State of New Mexico’s SIP is housed at the EPA Region VI office in Dallas, Texas.

What is Currently in the State of New Mexico’s SIP?

The New Mexico State Implementation Plan includes the following items:

Air Quality Control Regulations in the New Mexico Administrative Code

State Implementation Plan Revisions for Nonattainment Areas

Air Quality Control Programs: including enforcement and compliance of state and federal regulations, permitting of air pollution sources, modeling, control strategies, monitoring, small business assistance program, and quality assurance; and

State Ambient Air Quality Standards.

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