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"Keeping Dust Down and Growth Up in Doña Ana County: A Plan for Reducing Dust, Sustaining Growth, and Protecting Health and Natural Vistas"

The New Mexico Air Quality Bureau, local governments and stakeholders have developed a plan for reducing dust, sustaining growth and improving health in Doña Ana County.  Open houses were held in Sunland Park, Hatch and Mesilla Park.  We encouraged participation at this open house to develop Doña Ana County's Natural Events Action Plan (NEAP).  The open house was designed to provide information and encourage input from concerned citizens. We have used your thoughts, ideas, comments, and concerns to develop the NEAP.

Visit the open house
(requires Adobe Acrobat)

Open house handouts (Requires Adobe Acrobat)

NEAP briefing document
"Dust Storms and Health" Brochure in English and Spanish
Information document on Air Pollution from Natural Events
Best Available Control Measures (BACM) document
Maps indicating locations of PM10 and PM2.5 monitors in Las Cruces and Southern Doña Ana County
Fugitive Dust Control Techniques and Businesses
Natural Events Action Plan (NEAP) documents (Requires Adobe Acrobat)
Natural Events Policy Memorandum from EPA
NEAP document submitted in November 1997, Attachment 2 , Attachment 2 maps
Addendum to NEAP submitted in April 1998
NEAP submitted to the U.S. EPA in December 2000
NEAP Appendix A -- Natural Events Policy and supporting background documents
NEAP Appendix B -- Public health education and outreach materials
NEAP Appendix C -- Implementation and determination of best available control measures
NEAP Appendix D -- Local ordinances
NEAP Appendix E -- Stakeholder agreements
NEAP Appendix F -- Letters of support
NEAP Appendix G -- Health issues working group members
NEAP Appendix H -- Stakeholder and public review documentation


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