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SMP I Notification Continuation Form Instructions

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This form is for all SMP I burn projects that extend beyond seven days. The Notification Continuation Form provides the same information as the Registration Form, but provides it for each burn project day beyond the seven on the Registration Form. This form may be submitted on-line to the Air Quality Bureau (AQB) at or by fax to (505) 476-4375, phone (1-800-224-7009) or e-mail (

Explanation: The AQB uses this information in their daily assessment of airshed capacity.

Burn Project Name. Enter the name of the Project.

Burn Project ID. Enter the ID number assigned by the AQB when you registered.

Date(s) Planning to Burn. Enter the dates when burning is expected.

Daily Acreage. For broadcast burns enter the estimated acreage for each day. 

Daily Pile Volume. For pile burns enter the estimated pile volume for each day. 

Comments. Enter any other comments that might help clarify or explain other entries.


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