Clandestine Drug Laboratories

in New Mexico


Contamination from the operation of clandestine drug laboratories is a serious health and environmental threat. Remediation of the residually contaminated portions of clandestine drug laboratory properties is essential to assure the health, safety and welfare of people and the environment. The objective of the New Mexico Clandestine Drug Lab Cleanup Program is to provide for the notice of such contamination to potential occupants of the residually contaminated portion of these properties and standards for the assessment and remediation of such properties.

Use of this Website:

This web site is divided into seven sections, as follows:

  1. The Rule. This section provides a copy of NMAC 20.4.5: Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation (The Cleanup Rule) along with a flowchart depicting the cleanup process and requirements.
  2. List of Properties. This section contains a list of contaminated properties and their cleanup status.
  3. Cleanup Guidance. This section provides guidance documents written by other states for use in determining cleanup methodologies.
  4. Public Outreach. This section contains answers to frequently asked questions, a list of remediation (cleanup) contractors in New Mexico, and a presentation on the affects of the rule.
  5. Background Information. This section provides background research that was used to develop the Rule.
  6. Articles and Fact Sheets. This section has a list of articles pertaining to clandestine drug labs, touching on subjects like chemical hazards and community risks.
  7. Other Agency CDL Websites. This is a list of links to other states' CDL programs.


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