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Construction Programs Bureau

CPB Forms and Documents

Below you will find a list of bureau and program documents you can view or download.

CWSRF Application


Contact Information and Bureau Reports:

CPB Contact List

Infrastructure Development Report 2020

CPB Project Manager Assignment Map


Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) Documents and Forms:

CWSRF Project Priority List 1-31-2020

CWSRF Draft Annual Report

CWSRF Requirements for Private Entities

CWSRF Priority Rating System Guidance

Affordability Criteria System

Green Project Reserve Eligibility Guidance

Public Notice for Rule Change in English

Public Notice CWSRF Rule Change in Spanish

LEP CWSRF Rule Change 20.7.6 & .7 Dec 2019

PIP CWSRF Rule Change 20.7.6 & .7 December 2019

Green Project Reserve Project Categorical Eligible and Non-Eligible Examples


CWSRF Project Requirements Information and Forms:

CWSRF 2020 PIP for IUP and PPL

CWSRF Limited English Proficiency 2020

CWSRF Intended Use Plan FY20

Project Need Type Definitions

CWSRF Supplemental Conditions March 2019

Asset Management Plan Introduction

Asset Management Plan Outline Template

American Iron and Steel (AIS) Requirement – link to EPA web page for AIS

CWSRF AIS Permastore Tanks Non Compliance with American Iron Steel_EPA2017

Davis-Bacon Handbook

Environmental Information Document (EID) Outline

Environmental Information Document (EID) Document Review Checklist used by CPB

State Environmental Review Process (SERP) National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)_July 2018



CWSRF Disbursement Request Forms:

CWSRF Disbursement Request_PDF

CWSRF Disbursement Request_MS EXCEL

CWSRF Disbursement Request_fillable PDF

Disbursement Request CWSRF Sample with References



Rural Infrastructure Program (RIP) Documents and Forms:

RIP Reports

RIP Annual Report

RIP Application

RIP Initial Information – Application

RIP Disbursement Request Forms:

RIP Disbursement Request_PDF

RIP Disbursement Request_MS EXCEL

Disbursement Request RIP Sample with References



Capital Outlay Special Appropriations Program (SAP) Documents and Forms:

 SAP Reports:

SAP Capital Outlay Annual Report

SAP Disbursement Request Forms:

Disbursement Request SAP_PDF

Disbursement Request SAP_MS EXCEL

Instructions for SAP Notarized Disbursement Request with References

 SAP Disbursement Request Forms with Fiscal Agent Required:

Disbursement Request SAP with Fiscal Agent_fillable PDF

Disbursement Request SAP with Fiscal Agent_fillable EXCEL

Instructions for SAP Notarized Disbursement Request with References that Requires a Fiscal Agent



Technical Information Guides and Templates:

Owners Manual for Selection of Design Professionals

Request for Proposals (RFP) for Design Professional Services_Template

Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) Requirements Guide_USDA bulletin 1780-2

Preliminary Engineering (PER) Report Review Checklist used by CPB


Engineering Contract Template and Included Attachments:

Engineering Contract Template – For All Funding Programs

Engineering Contract Template – Attachment – I Insurance

Engineering Contract Template – Attachment – II Planning Phase

Engineering Contract Template – Attachment – III Design Phase

Engineering Contract Template – Attachment – IV Construction Phase

Engineering Contract Template – Attachment – V Operation Phase

Engineering Contract Template Attachment – VI Amendment to Engineering Contract



If you have any questions or need help with downloading the documents and forms, please feel free to call us.

CPB Main Number 505.827.2806


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