New Mexico
Environment Department

Contact Information:
(505) 827-2855 MAIN // 1-800-219-6157 (toll free)
Environmental Emergencies:
505-827-9329 (24 hrs)

Drinking Water Bureau

DWB Directory

Contact Information for DWB Staff & Programs

Main Numbers:
(505) 476-8620    OR   Toll Free (877) 654-8720

Organizational Chart

Contacts for information on specific rules or to submit documents to meet rule or construction requirements:

Staff Directory:

Name Title Location Phone
Joe Martinez Bureau Chief Santa Fe Office-505-476-8635


Public Water System Supervision Group (PWSS)

Tanya Trujillo PWSS Manager
Santa Fe Office: 505-476-8625

Mobile: 505-372-8273

PWSS Northern Region Compliance Program

Wayne Jeffs Northern Region Compliance Supervisor Santa Fe Office-505-476-8612


Jim Jones Compliance Officer Farmington 505-566-9742
Oneva Pena DBP Rule Administrator Santa Fe Office: 505-476-8648

Mobile: 505-490-5363

Vacant Compliance Officer Santa Fe 505-476-8647
Frank Baca Compliance Officer Santa Fe Office: 505-476-8637

Mobile: 505-469-1323

Chet Markham RTCR Rule Administrator Albuquerque Office: 505-222-9531

Mobile: 505-629-3085

Vacant Lead and Copper Rule Administrator Albuquerque 505-222-9539
Greg Quartieri Compliance Officer Raton Office: 575-445-3621

Mobile: 505-372-8173

PWSS Southern Region Compliance Program

Brandi Littleton Southern Region Compliance Supervisor Las Cruces



Aaron Beckworth Compliance Officer Silver City Office: 575-956-1552

Mobile: 505-372-8174

John Pijawka Compliance Officer Ruidoso 575-258-3272
Joe Savage Surface Water Treatment Rule Administrator Alamogordo 575-437-7115
Antonio Romero Compliance Officer Las Cruces 575-915-1118
Jessica Gutierrez Compliance Officer Roswell  Office: 575-291-2113

Mobile: 505-372-8166

Vacant Compliance Officer Albuquerque

PWSS Enforcement

Maria Medina Enforcement Coordinator and

Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR) Rule Administrator

Santa Fe Office: 505-476-8629

Mobile: 505-629-7223

PWSS Safe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS) Program

Vacant SDWIS Supervisor Albuquerque 505-222-9590
Vacant Data Steward Las Cruces 575-915-1109
Vacant Data Steward Albuquerque 505-222-9544
Adele McKenzie Data Steward Santa Fe 505-476-8647
Ramirez, Daniel Data Steward Albuquerque 505-222-9533
Vacant Data Steward Albuquerque

Sustainable Water Infrastructure Group (SWIG)

Jill Turner SWIG Manager Santa Fe Office-505-476-8623

Mobile- 505-205-6964

SWIG Community Services Program


Karen Torres

Community Services Program Manager  

Santa Fe




Catherine Conran

Community Services Coordinator – NW Region  

Santa Fe


Melanie Delgado

Community Services Coordinator – NE Region  



Michael Montoya

Community Services Coordinator – Southern Region  

Las Cruces



Community Services Coordinator -Central Region  




SWIG Source Water and Wellhead Protection Program

Vacant Source Water Program Manager Santa Fe 505-476-8623
David Torres Source Water Specialist Los Lunas 505-841-5206
Andy Jochems Source Water Specialist Santa Fe Office: 505-476-8632

Mobile: 505-371-8171

Engineering Services Program

Emily Worthen Engineering Services Program Manager Albuquerque Office- 505-222-9509


Vacant Review Engineer Santa Fe
Patrick Castillo Review Engineer Albuquerque Office: 505-222-9534

Mobile: 505-372-8169

Technical Services Program

Jeff Pompeo Technical Services Program Manager Santa Fe Office-505-476-8646


Krista Schultz Area Wide Optimization Program (AWOP) Coordinator Albuquerque 505-222-9518
Mike Peterson Technical Services Coordinator Los Lunas 505-841-5285
Vacant Technical Services Coordinator Las Cruces 575-915-1127

Utility Operator Certification Program

Eric Hall UOCP Manager Santa Fe Office-505-827-2804


Kendall Crowe UOCP Coordinator Albuquerque Office-505-222-9575

Mobile- 505-690-8979

Anita Tavasci UOCP Coordinator Santa Fe Office-505-827-2802

Mobile- 505-467-9233

Nile Carver UOCP Coordinator Santa Fe Office-505-827-0149


Water Conservation Fund Group

Bethany Anderson Water Conservation Fund Group Manager Santa Fe Office-505-476-8645


Victoria Delgado Sampler Albuquerque 505-222-9538
Angel Flores Sampler Santa Fe 505-476-8627
Eric Garcia Sampler Las Cruces 575-915-1111
Valerie Horner Sampler Raton Office: 575-445-3621

Mobile: 505-372-8167

Rocio Galvan
Sampler Las Cruces 575-915-1127
Vernon Trujillo Sampler Espanola Office: 505-753-7256

Mobile: 505-372-8170

Tim Willy Sampler Clovis 575-762-3728

Program Administration Group

Pedro Archuleta Administrative Supervisor Santa Fe Office-505-476-8636

Mobile- 505-372-8168

Frances Garcia Administrative Assistant Santa Fe 505-476-3706
Vacant Quality Assurance Coordinator Albuquerque 505-222-9552

DWB Finance

Jacob Weathers Finance Manager Santa Fe 505-476-8722
Ivan Fernandez Financial Specialist Santa Fe 505-476-8621
Trina Page Finance Specialist Santa Fe 505-476-8622