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Drinking Water Emergencies

In the event of a drinking water emergency, contact the Drinking Water Bureau immediately at (877) 654-8720 during working hours, or call (505) 827-9329 to reach the State Police 24-hour Dispatch Hotline during evenings and weekends. 

Depending on the nature of the emergency, local emergency responders may be contacted by dialing 911.



A Drinking Water Advisory is issued if a public water system has a violation for exceeding the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) for a chemical contaminant, such as nitrate. A Boil Water Order is issued if a system has or is suspected to have microbiological contamination.  View a list of all systems that have or have had DRINKING WATER ADVISORIES OR BOIL WATER ORDERS.

If your water system has a boil water order, read the BOIL WATER FACT SHEET (AVISO DE AGUA HERVIDA). If your water system has a drinking water advisory due to nitrate contamination, read the NITRATES IN DRINKING WATER FACT SHEET (NITRATOS Y EL AGUA PARA BEBER).



In the event that your water system is impacted by flooding, you want to make sure your water supply is safe before you use it for drinking and cooking.  If you are connected to a public water system, contact the system before consuming the water.  If you are on a private or shared well, review the following resources:



In the event of loss of water supply due to drought (or well failure), contact the Drinking Water Bureau about temporary options for water supply.

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