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Drinking Water Laboratories Certified for Safe Drinking Water Act Compliance Analyses in New Mexico

The NMED Drinking Water Bureau maintains the laboratory certification program in New Mexico for drinking water analyses. The Department of Health Scientific Laboratory Division is the assigned Principle State Laboratory as required by the EPA for NM state primacy. 


LABORATORIES ON CONTRACT is a list of labs that are NM certified and can also be paid by the Water Conservation Fund through a Drinking Water Bureau current contract.

NM DRINKING WATER CERTIFIED LABS is a list of all labs nationwide that are currently certified in NM to run compliance analyses.  Any of these labs can be used for NM Safe Drinking Water Act compliance testing in the categories listed when a Public Water System (PWS) pays for the cost of the requested analysis.  Labs may only be certified for specific contaminants and certification expiration dates vary, so always make sure a lab’s certification is current for the contaminant in NM when calling a lab to order sample bottles.


Labs seeking drinking water certification in New Mexico should complete an APPLICATION FOR DRINKING WATER CERTIFICATION and submit all of the information requested in the application.  In July 2011 the DRINKING WATER LABORATORY CERTIFICATION PROGRAM (DWLCP) GUIDANCE MANUAL revisions were approved by the NMED and the EPA.  For reference we have created a LIST OF REGULATED CONTAMINANTS for which NMED certifies drinking water testing.  Drinking Water Bureau will only certify labs for EPA-APPROVED DRINKING WATER METHODS.

On-site audits are required for NM drinking water certification.  Audits can be completed in New Mexico by the NM Department of Health Scientific Laboratory Division (SLD) Certification Officers for microbiology and chemistry, or by reciprocity through an audit completed by any of the three national drinking water lab accreditation agencies (EPA, TNI, or A2LA).  Radiochemical certification can only be offered through reciprocity, as there is no NM on-site audit for radiochemical analytes at this time.  SLD provides a guidance manual on the MICROBIOLOGICAL ON-SITE LABORATORY AUDITS and the CHEMICAL ON-SITE LABORATORY AUDITS so that labs know what to expect before the inspection.  When submitting an application to the DWLCP for certification please also contact SLD directly to schedule the on-site audit as soon as possible at (505) 383- 9120 for microbiology and (505) 383-9030 for chemistry audits.  Your application review cannot be complete until the audit is complete and reported to the Drinking Water Bureau from SLD. 

NM Safe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS)     

A new requirement in the July 2011 revisions for drinking water certification in NM is for the lab to successfully upload a test dataset to the SDWIS database for each analyte and method for which the lab requests to be certified.  The Drinking Water Bureau provides the following examples as a reference to format the data file:

Richard Asbury may be contacted at 575-915-1109 or for assistance on this requirement.  A lab’s certification application request cannot be approved until this SDWIS upload requirement has been met. 


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