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Environmental Emergencies:
505-827-9329 (24 hrs)

New Mexico
Environment Department

Environmental Improvement Board


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EIB Matters Archived


EIB 16-01 (R):


In the Matter of Proposed Repeal and Replacement of 7.18.1 Through 7.18.5 NMAC
EIB 16-02 (R):  In the Matter of Proposed Repeal of: 20.2.37 NMAC-Petroleum Processing Facilities
EIB 16-03 (R) :

In the Matter of Proposed Revisions to: New Mexico’s State Implementation Plan Air Quality Bureau, Environmental Protection Division of the New Mexico Environment Department, Petitioner.

EIB 16-04 (R)

Proposed Amendments to 20.2.77 NMAC-New Source Performance Standards (NSPS); 20.2.78 NMAC-Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP); and 20.2.82 NMAC-Maximum Achievable Control Technology for Source Categories of Hazardous Air Pollutants (MACT).

EIB 16-05 (R)

Proposed Amendments of 20.3.1 NMAC, 20.3.3-20.3.5 NMAC, 20.3.7 NMAC, 20.3.12 NMAC, and 20.3.15 NMAC

EIB 16-06(R): In the Matter of Proposed Adoption of:  Section 111(d) State Plan for Implementing Municipal Solid Waste Landfills Emission Guidelines and Proposed Amendments to: 20.2.64-Municipal Solid Waste Landfills
EIB 17-01 (R): In the Matter of Proposed New Regulation, 20.2.351 NMAC-Greenhouse Reduction Program
EIB 17-02 (A): In the Matter of Petition for Review of Denial of Substitution Request for Permit 3171M1 Mountain States Constructors, Inc., Petitioner
EIB 17-03 (R): In the Matter of Proposed Revisions to the Rulemaking Rules for the Environmental Improvement Board, 20.1.1 NMAC
EIB 17-04 (R) In the Matter of Proposed Repeal of 20.5.1 NMAC through 20.5.16 NMAC, 20.5.18 NMAC and 20.5.19 NMAC and Replacement with 20.5.101 NMAC through 20.5.122 NMAC, 20.5.124 NMAC and 20.5.125 NMAC.
EIB 18-01 (R) In the Matter of Proposed Repeal and Replacement of 20.3.20 NMAC New Mexico Environment Department, Environmental Protection Division, Radiation Control Bureau, Petitioner.


All questions regarding the Board should be directed to:

Pam Castaneda
Administrator for Boards & Commissions

New Mexico Environment Department
P.O. Box 5469
Santa Fe, NM 87502
Tel (505) 827-2425
Fax (505) 827-1628


Harold L. Runnels Building // 1190 St. Francis Drive, Suite N4050 // Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505 // tel (800) 219-6157, (505) 827-2855

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