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Food Handler Card and Certified Manager Certifications extended beyond March 1, 2018 until further notice.

A final effective date is not set at this time. 

NMED continues to work with food establishments and industry members to address questions regarding these provisions and modify provisions as necessary.



The New Mexico Environment Department Food Program exists to protect employees, consumers, and the general public from adverse health and safety conditions, such as foodborne illness, in public food establishments throughout our state. The Program consists of trained Environmental Specialists that conduct food inspections, Food Specialists that provide additional technical expertise, and a Program Manager.

The NMED Food Program conducts the following activities:

Providing free training on a periodic basis. Training modules range from basic food safety practices to detailed Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) implementation. We also conduct the required food safety training for Home Based Food Processor Licensing.  Contact your district food safety specialist for the schedule.

Conducting public outreach events to help raise food safety awareness among the public.


Conducting thorough food establishment “health inspections” to assure compliance with the current New Mexico Food Service and Processing Regulations at least once per year. 

Reviewing operational and construction plans for retail food establishments and food processing operations. New and remodeled retail operations are reviewed by our Environmental Specialists and food processing operations are reviewed by our Food Specialists. The review process helps ensure that facilities and equipment are constructed and organized in such a way to foster safe food preparation/production.

Responding to general food complaints and/or foodborne illness complaints and outbreaks. In the case of an outbreak, our staff works diligently to determine the source of the illness and takes appropriate steps to eliminate immediate causes and prevent such problems from arising in the future.


Individuals wanting to operate a home-based food processing operation must first obtain a permit from NMED before offering their food products to the public. To find out more information click on Home-Based Food Processing.

If you have questions or concerns and would like to contact our staff please click here

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