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Food Permit Applications

The NMED permit application and plan review package includes a cover sheet, the permit application form, a Person in Charge (PIC) concepts, a section on facility design, and a section on operations. You may also need a copy of the Regulations and local guidelines. If you have any difficulty completing the information, you are encouraged to ask questions and attend any of our free food safety classes.

When you have completed the application package, call your nearest NMED Field Office for an appointment. We will review the package briefly with you to be sure information is complete and understandable. You will soon receive a letter indicating that your plans are approved, approved with conditions, or not approved. Your letter indicating approval or conditional approval will indicate what pre-opening inspections are required and when the permit fee is to be paid. Only after your application is approved or conditionally approved, may you begin construction of the physical facility. Any change orders require approval.

Please Note: Adobe Reader is required for viewing and printing the following Portable Document Format (PDF) documents. To download the free Adobe Reader, please click here


If you need any assistance in completing these forms or have any further questions, please contact us.

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