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Food service establishments and food processors in New Mexico are regulated by the New Mexico Environment Department (excluding the city of Albuquerque and Bernallilo county). Various categories of activities have different sets of requirements that can be found here.

FOOD SERVICE AND FOOD PROCESSING REGULATIONS ISSUING AGENCY SCOPE STATUTORY AUTHORITY DURATION EFFECTIVE DATE OBJECTIVE DEFINITIONS GENERAL PROVISIONS AND PROCEDURES Plan Review Permits: Issuance, Expiration And Renewal Permit Suspension And Revocation Immediate Suspension Hearings Timeliness Compliance With Regulations Procedures When Infraction Is Suspected Inspection By Health Authority Variances Permit Fees Current Food And Drug Administration Food Code Applicability Procedures For Embargo, Recall, And Condemnation FOOD PROTECTION REQUIREMENTS Wholesomeness Of Food And Drink Food Establishment Time And Temperature Requirements Storage, Display, Transporting And Serving Of Food And Drink Cleaning And Sanitizing Of utensils And Equipment Storage And Handling Of Cleaned Equipment And Utensils Plumbing And Disposal Of Wastes Lavatory Facilities Cleanliness Of Employees Water Supply Sulfiting Agents Miscellaneous GENERAL EQUIPMENT AND CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS Equipment Design, Construction And Materials Toilet Facilities Floors Walls And Ceilings Doors And Windows Electrical And Lighting Ventilation TEMPORARY, MOBILE, SEASONAL, RESTRICTED MENU, BED AND BREAKFAST, AND CATERER FOOD SERVICE ESTABLISHMENT REQUIREMENTS Temporary Food Service Establishments Mobile Food Service Units And Pushcarts Seasonal Or Restricted Menu Food Service Establishments Bed And Breakfast Food Service Establishments Caterer Food Service Establishments GENERAL FOOD PROCESSING REQUIREMENTS Specific Food Processing Definitions, as used in Food Processor Permit\ Requirements Sale Of Adulterated Or Misbranded Food Labeling Requirements Standards Of Identity Low-Acid Canned Foods And Acidified Foods Operational Plans Compliance With Accepted Operational Procedures JERKY PROCESSING REQUIREMENTS Specific Jerky Processing Definitions, as used in Jerky Processing Methods BOTTLED WATER PROCESSING REQUIREMENTS Specific Bottled Water Processing Definitions, as used in Bottled Water Processing Operational Requirements And Standards Bottled Water Labeling Requirements And Batch Code Identification Analytical Requirements Monitoring Requirements Record Maintenance Waivers From Source Water Sampling And Testing SHELLFISH PROCESSING AND CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS Specific Shellfish Processing Definitions, as used in General Shellfish Processing Requirements Permits And Certification Shellfish Certificate Shellstock Shippers Shellfish Reshippers Shellfish Repackers Shellfish Quality Control Wet Storage Of Shellfish HOME-BASED FOOD PROCESSING Plan Reveiw, Permitting, INspection, and Training Requirements Food Protection Requirments Exceptions And Limitations Home-Based Food Labeling MISCELLANEOUS Severability Amendment And Supersession Of Prior Regulations; References In Other Regulations Savings Clause Collateral Requirements Limitation Of Defense



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