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Cooking the Stuffing

Cooking a stuffed turkey is more risky than cooking one that is not stuffed. If the stuffing does not reach the proper temperature, harmful bacteria may survive and cause FBI. The safest way to cook stuffing is in a casserole in the oven at 325°F. Whether you cook stuffing in a casserole dish or in the turkey cavity it is essential that you:
  • Use a metal stem food thermometer to verify the stuffing reaches 165°F.
    • You should check the temperature in several places, including the middle-most part of the product to make sure that each area of the stuffing has reached 165°F.
    • If the stuffing has not reached 165°F continue cooking, even if the turkey has reached the appropriate cooking temperature.
  • Calibrate your thermometer before use.
    • To calibrate you thermometer follow these steps:
      1. Fill a cup with ice
      2. Add water to make an ice slush
      3. Place thermometer in ice slush, allow 2 minutes to stabilize

        If the thermometer does not read 32°F take the following corrective action:

      4. Leaving the thermometer stem in the ice slush use pliers or a wrench to turn the adjustment nut on the backside of the thermometer or temperature dial until the pointer indicates 32°F .
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Did You Know?
The average used kitchen sponge has 7.2 billion bacteria.
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