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Approved Products

Permits for the installation of Septic Tanks, Advanced Treatment Systems, and Proprietary Drainfield Products will not be issued unless the tank or product has been reviewed and approved by NMED before installation in the State of New Mexico.  Drainfield Products do not include conventional pipe and gravel installations.  The Liquid Waste Program maintains lists of approved products.  Follow the links below to view the current lists of approved products.

Septic Tanks Approved

Septic Tanks by Manufacturer

Septic Tanks by Certification Number

Septic Tanks by Capacity

  • Approved ATS Products List is currently under construction and is unavailable.  Please contact Michael Broussard at or (505) 476-9125 if you have any questions.  The updated list will be available soon.

  • Drainfield Products Approved
  • Drainfield Products

  • Septic tank manufacturers seeking approval of septic tank can downlod the Septic Tank Certification Application with submittal requirements, or e-mail the Bureau Specialist or call 505-476-9125 with questions about the approval process.

    Advanced treatment systems and proprietary drainfield products must be reviewed by the Wastewater Technical Advisory Committee (WTAC).  Manufacturers of these products can download a copy of the WTAC Product Review document and Product Submittal Application form on the WTAC webpage, or contact the Bureau Specialist with questions.

Tire chips are now approved by NMED for use in onsite wastewater system leachfields with design flows under 2000 gallons per day.  When manufactured to the Tire Chip Specification developed by the Liquid Waste Program, tire chips were found by the Wastewater Technical Advisory Committee to not pose a threat to groundwater.  Manufacturers must obtain a permit from the Solid Waste Bureau before manufacturing tire chips in New Mexico.


Advanced Treatment Systems: to receive the approved ATS products list please e-mail, or call (505)476-9125. The document is under revision. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  

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