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Checklist to Apply for a Liquid Waste Permit

  1. Download and print the (NEW 2017) Application for Liquid Waste Permit or Registration (Adobe pdf format).
  2. Instructions/guidance for filling out the application.
  3. Obtain required supporting documents (Proof of ownership such as recorded warranty deed, tax bill; plat/survey map, site diagram, floorplans, equipment specifications, etc.)
  4. Complete the Application Form.
  5. Provide the completed Application Form to the appropriate NMED office
  6. NMED will make you a copy of the Application Form.
  7. NMED may conduct a pre-inspection of the site by request or if required.
  8. NMED will notify applicant of actions taken on the permit application.  Actions may included granting the permit, granting with conditions, or denial.  Permit review may take up to ten working days of receipt of your completed permit application. (Note: Permit review period may be up to 20 days for advanced treatment systems or variance requests).
  9. If your permit application was granted, or granted with conditions that you accept, remit a check or money order payable to the New Mexico Environment Department to the appropriate NMED office.  NMED will not issue the permit until the fee is paid.
  10. If your permit application was denied by NMED, or granted with conditions that you object to, you may appeal this decision.  Liquid Waste Disposal Regulation (NMAC) provides that any person who is dissatisfied with an action taken by NMED on a permit application or variance petition may appeal to the NMED Secretary.  The appeal must be filed in writing with the NMED Secretary within 15 working days after notice of the NMED action is issued. 
  11. You may also submit a Variance Application to your local NMED Field Office.  The variance request must show that the proposed alternative will be protective of water resources and public health as described in Section 405 of the Liquid Waste Regulations 20.7.3 NMAC.  Click on the link to the Variance Application Procedures for guidance on applying for a variance.  A Sample Letter for notification of neighboring properties is also available.

Useful Tools for filling out your Application for Liquid Waste Permit:

  1. NMED Staff - general assistance
  2. Liquid Waste Disposal and Treatment Regulations.
  3. Approved products: Tanks, Drain field products, advanced treatment systems
  4. Office of the State Engineer - Well drilling permits, well logs, depth to ground water, vulnerable waters of the state, etc.
  5. Registration of products such as tanks and drain field products


Permit Fees

Permit Action Permit Fee
conventional system construction $100
conventional system modification $50
advanced or alternative system construction $150
advanced or alternative system modification $75
commercial system construction/modification $150
re-inspection $50
variance $50

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