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Mining Environmental Compliance Section

The Mining Environmental Compliance Section (MECS) conducts all of the permitting, spill response, abatement and public participation activities for mining facilities in New Mexico in accordance with the Water Quality Control Commission (WQCC) Regulations (20.6.2 NMAC).  In addition, the MECS participates in the implementation of the New Mexico Mining Act and Non Coal Mining Regulations by reviewing and commenting on mine permits and closeout plans, coordinating environmental protection requirements at mine sites with the Mining and minerals Division of the Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department, and providing determinations that environmental standards will be met after closure of New Mexico mining operations.  Currently the MECS manages over 55 active mining permits.

Rio Grande Resources Corporation / Discharge Permit DP-61 (Mount Taylor Mine) Administrative Record

Homestake Mining Company Discharge Permit DP-200
Administrative Record

Current List of Discharge Permits
updated March 15, 2018

This list is updated periodically as new permits are finalized.


Copper Mine Regulations

20.6.2 NMAC Ground and Surface Water Protection

20.6.7 NMAC - Supplemental Permitting Requirements for Copper Mine Facilities.

20.6.7 NMAC  - PDF Version

MECS Staff

Kurt Vollbrecht (Program Manager) 505 827-0195
Jonathan Beyeler 505-827-2751
Keith Ehlert 505 827-9687
Joseph Fox (Albuquerque) 505 222-9560
Jeff Lewellin 505 827-1049
George Llewellyn (Silver City) 575 956-1549
Joseph Marcoline (Taos) 575 758-7371
Anne Maurer 505 827-2906
David Mercer (Silver City) 575 956-1550
Bill Pearson 505-827-0602
Brad Reid 505 827-2963
Amber Rheubottom 505 827-2754


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