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Pollution Prevention Section and
Agriculture Compliance Section Contacts
Staff Member Location Phone Number
Steve Pullen (Pollution Protection Section Manager) Santa Fe 505-827-2962
Nancy McDuffie (Agriculture Compliance Section Manager) Albuquerque 505-222-9523
Sara Arthur Santa Fe 505-827-9669
Marc Bonem (Agriculture Compliance) Santa Fe 505-827-2791
Lochlin Farrell Santa Fe 505-827-2905
Jason Herman Santa Fe 505-827-2713
Pam Homer Santa Fe 505-827-0018
Russell Isaac Santa Fe 505-827-2978
Kellie Jones Santa Fe 505-827-2949
Gerald (Jake) Knutson Santa Fe 505-827-2996
Steve Perez (Agriculture Compliance) Santa Fe 505-827-2434
Andrew Romero Santa Fe 505-827-0076
Diana Sandoval Santa Fe 505-827-2900
Brian Schall (Domestic Team Leader) Santa Fe 505-476-3648
Matthew Smith (Agriculture Compliance) Santa Fe 505-827-2797
Ron Strauch Santa Fe 505-827-1046
Ashlynne Winton (Agriculture Compliance) Santa Fe 505-827-2944

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