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Please note: Due to recent regulation changes, as of December 31, 2011, information on other webpages within the GWQB section may no longer apply to dairy facilities.


20.6.2 NMAC - Ground and Surface Water Protection

20.6.6 NMAC - Supplemental Permitting Requirements for Dairy Facilities (Dairy Rule)

20.6.6 NMAC - PDF version


Dairy Discharge Permits

Revisions to 20.6.6 NMAC (Dairy Rule)

NMED is happy to announce that the New Mexico Water Quality Control Commission (WQCC) recently adopted amendments to the Dairy Rule (20.6.6 NMAC). The effective date of the amended Dairy Rule is August 1, 2015.

The amended rule can be found at the above link for 20.6.6 NMAC.

During this transition period, it is important that dairies consult with the Ground Water Quality Bureau (GWQB) on permitting matters. The GWQB recognizes that cooperation between facilities and NMED can result in a better experience throughout the permitting process.

Since the amendments change several requirements under the Dairy Rule, you may wish to review your discharge permit application, draft discharge permit, or final discharge permit accordingly. If you believe a change in your permit application or permit is required, the following section of the Dairy Rule addresses the permit issuance timelines for New Mexico dairies:

Please contact Nancy McDuffie with any questions: (505) 222-9523.

Final Dairy Discharge Permits Issued Pursuant to 20.6.6 NMAC



Discharge Permit Applications

Updated March 1, 2016

Please note: The applications listed below are subject to minor revisions by NMED.  Please refer to this website for the most recent versions.

Application for Discharge Permit Renewal and/or Modification
    Supplemental Form 1-R
    Supplemental Form 2-R
    Supplemental Form 3-R
    Supplemental Form 4-R
Application for Discharge Permit Renewal for Closure
    Supplemental Form 1-C
    Supplemental Form 2-C
    Supplemental Form 3-C
Application for a New Discharge Permit
    Supplemental Form A
    Supplemental Form B
    Supplemental Form C


Contact Information

Nancy McDuffie, Agriculture Compliance Section Manager (505) 222-9523

New Mexico Environment Department Ground Water Quality Bureau

1190 Saint Francis Drive

PO Box 5469  

Santa Fe, NM  87502 

(505) 827-2900 main

(505) 827-2965 fax


Doña Ana Dairies

The Doña Ana Dairies Consortium, the Rio Valle Concerned Citizens, and NMED reached a stipulated agreement to additional requirements to the Stage 2 Abatement Plan to address nitrate contamination in ground water.

Monitoring regimen from stipulated agreement

Quarterly Monitoring Report submitted August 2015

Contaminant Concentration tables and Concentration trends plots

Full Quarterly Monitoring Report - August 2015 (58 MB file)



October 2016 Quarterly Groundwater Monitoring Report

February 2017 Quarterly Groundwater Monitoring Report

June 2017 Annual Groundwater Monitoring Report

November 2017 Annual Groundwater Monitoring Report

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