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Remediation Oversight Section

The Remediation Oversight Section encourages and oversees voluntary efforts to clean up contaminated sites, and administers the Water Quality Control Commission Regulations that require responsible parties to clean up contaminated soil and ground water.   



Pilot treatment system for nitrate contamination
in ground water


ROS Staff

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Report a Spill

Kirtland ST-105 Abatement Documents

Voluntary Remediation Program The VRP provides incentives for the voluntary remediation of contaminated properties and encourages their redevelopment. Participants who successfully complete the program receive site closure documentation from NMED and liability protection for lenders and future purchasers.

Brownfields Assessment, Cleanup & Redevelopment Brownfields are properties whose redevelopment is complicated by the presence or potential presence of hazardous substances or petroleum products. NMED provides no-cost environmental assessments of brownfield sites to local or tribal governments. NMED also manages a Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund providing low-interest loans for brownfield cleanups where redevelopment is planned.

State Cleanup Program – The State Cleanup Program administers those portions of the Water Quality Control Commission regulations, 20.6.2 NMAC, that require the cleanup of contaminated soil and ground water. The regulations require corrective actions to mitigate any damage caused by an unauthorized discharge, and investigation and abatement of subsurface contamination in order to attain ground water standards.


Remediation Oversight Section Staff Contacts:




Ali Furmall, Program Manager

Santa Fe

(505) 827-0078

Julie Roybal

Santa Fe

(505) 827-0164

State Cleanup Program

Justin Ball, Team Lead


(505) 222-9522

Ray Montes

Las Cruces

(575) 915-1153


(505) 222-9555
Kate Herrell

Santa Fe

(505) 827-2778

Voluntary Remediation and Brownfields Program

Rebecca Cook, Team Lead

Santa Fe

(505) 827-0171

Santa Fe
(505) 827-XXXX

Jennifer Muus

Santa Fe

(505) 827-2242


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