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Hemp Program


A permit is required in New Mexico to operate Hemp Extraction Facilities, Hemp Manufacturing Facilities, Hemp Processing Facilities, and Hemp Warehouses.  Each facility type is also required to be permitted separately.  For example, if a person conducts hemp extraction and later formulates the hemp extract into a hemp finished product, two permits would be required for that operation.

Permit Applications must be completed as follows:

  1. All sections of the application must be completed
  2. All required attachments must be submitted as one “packet” with pages numbered and listed in the table of contents (it’s preferred in a three-ring binder)
  3. The packet must have a table of contents
  4. Each section, corresponding to application section #, should be labeled and inserted in chronological order (i.e. Section 1, Section 2, Section 3)
    1. Hemp Manufacturing Application: Sections and subsections should be labeled to match the updated application.  (i.e. Section 6 would be labeled as “Operational Plan” in the packet, Subsection 6.3 would be labeled “Hemp Finished Product Testing” and the SOP or plan for testing Hemp Finished Product would be labeled as 6.3.1 under that Subsection)
  5. Submit a hard copy (electronic submissions will not be accepted) of the application, attachment packet, and applicable fee(s) to:

NMED Hemp Program

121 Tijeras Ave. NE, Suite 1000

Albuquerque, NM 87102

Hemp Extraction Facility Permit Application (Updated 2/19/20)

Hemp Manufacturing or Processing Facility Permit Application (Updated 2/19/20)

Hemp Warehouse Permit Application (click here for updated info)

Variance Application

Questions related to hemp facility applications should be directed to