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Hemp Program


While the hemp final rule has been approved, the emergency rule will remain effective until January 28, 2020.The hemp final rule will become effective January 28, 2020, leaving no gap in rules governing hemp extraction and manufacturing in NM.

Notice of a Minor, Nonsubstantive Correction to the final rule, 20.10.2 NMAC, Hemp Post-Harvest Processing (1/22/20)

Aviso de una corrección menor no sustancial a la norma final, 20.10.2 NMAC, Procesamiento de Hemp Posterior a la Cosecha (1/22/20)

Hemp Final Rule – 20.10.2 NMAC Hemp Extraction, Production, Transportation, Warehousing, and Testing (Updated with minor edits 1/29/20)

Hemp Final Rule Summary of Changes (1/22/20)


The following resources will assist you in implementing the requirements of the hemp emergency rule.

21 CRF 117 as adopted in the Hemp Emergency Rule

Adopted portions of 2017 FDA Food Code (Person-in-charge & employee health and hygiene)

Employee Health Resources

United States Pharmacopeia Residual Solvent Limits

FDA Food Labeling Guide

Additional Resources

Click here to access the NMED Cabinet Secretary’s letter concerning the emergency rule

Click here to access the Emergency Rule public notice (available in English and Spanish)