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New Mexico Environment Department

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Environmental Emergencies:
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NMED Districts
NMED district offices are often the first point of contact for New Mexicans. They are physically located in three sections of the state. Use the map above to locate your district office. .

Ruidoso Water Investigation

On July 9, 2013, the New Mexico Environment Department issued an Administrative Compliance Order with Penalties to the Village of Ruidoso after a Department investigation concluded that the Village submitted a falsified water quality report to the Department’s Drinking Water Bureau.

In addition, the Department proposed to revoke the certified operator licenses of two Village of Ruidoso employees who were involved.

The Village of Ruidoso and the two certified operators have a right to request hearings to contest these allegations..

Water faucet


Administrative Compliance Order

Factual Investigation Report

Notice of Contemplated Action to
      Mr. Goss
      Mr. Stewart

Drought and Drinking Water in New Mexico

The recent drought has affected all New Mexicans and left many of our communities vulnerable to water supply and water quality issues. 

Some of us have been affected more than others, but there are steps we can all take to help conserve water for all.

NMED and the Office of the State Engineer are working to protect water quality and quantities.

Together we are working with communities to help ensure safe supplies of drinking water.



Drinking Water
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Water Use & Conservation

2013 NM Fire Season

Ongoing drought and beetle-kill trees have made our state more vulnerable to wildfires.

NMED plays a role in wildfire response.
We attend public meetings, assist with emergency preparations in communities, and plan for post-fire processes to protect our waters.

During Active Fires:

  • One of our biggest concerns is the affect of wildfire smoke. We closely monitor smoke conditions and partner with the State Department of Health to issue smoke advisories.
  • We also keeps track of fires effects on water system infrastructures and work with communities to prepare for any disruption to drinking water distribution.
  • Our OSHA teams make sure volunteers are working in safe conditions and and the Food Program looks after food preparations safety at incident sites.

After Fires:

  • We provide assistance to BLM, USFS, and State Forestry to determine potential affects burned areas will have on surface water quality.
  • If there is waste from burned structures we making sure any potentially hazardous waste is handled properly.




Drinking Water
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NM State Forestry

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