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Environmental Emergencies:
505-827-9329 (24 hrs)

New Mexico
Environment Department

Kirtland Air force Base Fuel Leak Cleanup


Full-Scale treatment system GAC filter tanks
(January 2017)
core samplesCollecting core samples
(Septempber 2015)

Drilling monitoring well KAFB-106MW1

  (January 2017)

Pump & Treat System


  320.3 million gallons
Water Treated

85.4 grams
EDB Removed

As of  12/26/17

*The Full-Scale groundwater treatment system went online December 31, 2016.   From June – December, the temporary treatment system treated 17.0 million gallons of contaminated water, removed 6,962 mg EDB, and protected 36.7 million gallons of water.  The TRACKER to the right is a cumulative total of the temporary and full-scale system.

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Dennis McQuillan,
Project Technical Lead


  • Continue extraction from 2 of the 4 extraction wells at an average rate of 328 gpm. Well KAFB-106228 temporarily offline while pre-treatment equipment sand filters are installed at the GWTS and final connections are made for extraction well KAFB-106239.
  • Continue construction of conveyance pipeline to connect the 4th extraction well to the GWTS.
  • Continue construction for pre-treatment sand filters at the GWTS.
  • Treated effluent water is meeting drinking water standards and is being discharged to both the KAFB Golf Course and via gravity-fed injection at KAFB-7.
  • Begin Phase 2 of the In Situ Bioremediation Pilot Test.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you or your community group and address your questions and concerns about the project. You can contact us by phone or email (listed in the section to the right). 

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*Estimated time frames based on current schedule. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 

(September 2016 FAQs)


Upcoming Public Outreach Opportunities & Events

Public Meeting with Technical Poster Session – Thursday, November 15, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.
African American Performing Arts Center

Details TBD

Public Outreach page 
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