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Water Resources & Management

As all New Mexicans know, water in our state is a very precious - and at times elusive - resource. Even with New Mexico's wonderful diversity of ecosystems , the mostly desert landscape receives an average of 10 inches of precipitation annually...

Surface water (rivers, lakes and streams) in New Mexico originates as rain or melting snow, but over 95% of that water evaporates or is transpired by plants.

Most of New Mexico’s fresh water is stored as groundwater in aquifers or confining layers below the land surface, where it occupies small open spaces between sand or gravel and small fractures in rock.

NMED has many programs that focus on protecting the quality of our waters and assuring safe and effective infrastructure for delivering clean water to our communities. We coordinate much of our work with federal agencies, other state agencies, local governments, and citizen groups.

water reservoir

Mountain River
stormwater erosion


NMED is responsible for overseeing water infrastructure systems and water quality issues throughout the state.

NOTE: The the state's water resources in regards to water quantity, appropriation, and distribution of surface and ground waters are administered by the Office of the State Engineer.

Water Quality Topics


Water Tools and Resources:

Drinking Water Watch
(Public Water System Sampling Info)


(LANL Monitoring Data)

UOCP Operator Lookup

Wastewater Treatment Finder
(Septic Systems)

Water & Tribal Infrastructure Portal


Water Permits INFO


Drinking Water
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Free Well Water Testing


$$ Water Project Funding $$

Clean Water Act Section 319(h) (watershed improvement and planning project RFPs)

Clean Water State Revolving Loan Fund (wastewater or stormwater drainage projects)

Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund (water system repairs and replacement projects)

Water Infrastructure Portal
(water, wastewater, tribal infrastructure)

Water Quality Control Commission (WQCC)

Environmental Improvement Board (EIB)