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Radiation Equipment Service Program overview:

The radiation equipment service program regulates over 300 registrants who provide such services in the State of New Mexico.  The program issues certificates of registration to providers of radiation equipment service in accordance with 74-3-8 NMSA 1978 and 20.3.2 of the NMAC.  Individuals and companies are issued the certificates upon certain credentials and qualifications.

Are radiation equipment service providers required to register with NMED?

The Radiation Equipment Services Registration Program only applies to radiation equipment.  It is unlawful to provide services on radiation producing equipment without a valid New Mexico registration.   Due to the nature of the health hazard posed to the public by exposure to radiation and the type of the services provided by these providers, Part 2 (20.3 NMAC) of the New Mexico Radiation Protection Regulations (20.3 NMAC) requires such persons to register with the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) to conduct their respective field of work.  The purpose of these regulations is to ensure that service providers possess adequate qualifications to safely provide these services.

What are the regulations governing radiation equipment service providers?

NMED regulates registrants and their activities in accordance with the requirements of 74-3-8 NMSA 1978 and the New Mexico Radiation Protection Regulations (20.3 NMAC).  Registrants are required to maintain hardcopies of pertinent parts of the regulations.  Mandatory parts for radiological service providers include 20.3.2, 20.3.4, and 20.3.10 NMAC.  Other parts may apply as applicable for the type of services provided.  To view or download pertinent parts of the regulations, please visit the New Mexico Radiation Protection Regulations webpage at:/nmrcb/regs.html


The Department has completed an internal audit of the New Mexico Statutes and Administrative Code that governs the Radiological Services Program.  This audit has led the Department to conclude that the Radiological Services Registration Program only applies to radiation equipment as cited in 74-3-8 NMSA 1978. The Radiation Control Bureau is implementing new requirements for all applicable service providers who conduct radiological services within the State and are based on proof of certification and/or accreditation by an Department recognized institution, as well as satisfactory completion of the application.   Beginning April 17, 2012 the Department will re-implement the registration of all applicable vendors.  This new policy is adopted to ensure that all individuals conducting radiological services within the State meet the current statutes and New Mexico Administrative code.

Registrations will be authorized for a maximum of two-years.

Within the following weeks all applicable radiological services vendors who have successfully completed and submitted their application for registration will receive their registration certificates.  All previously issued certificates of registration applying to the use of radioactive materials will no longer be recognized.

If you intend to conduct radiological related services that may involve radioactive materials – You shall first ensure that those activities are not subject to radioactive materials licensure.

The following categories that will require registration to provide services will only apply to radiation producing equipment will now fall in the newly revised categories:

INDOOR RADON SERVICES - Will no longer be governed under the Radiological Services Program.

Analytical Laboratory
Education and Outreach

PERSONNEL DOSIMETRY SERVICES – Will only apply to radiation producing equipment.

Internal Monitoring - Will no longer be governed under the Radiological Services Program.

External Monitoring - Will be governed under the Radiological Services Program.

RADIOLOGICAL SERVICES - Will be governed under the Radiological Services Program.

X-ray Machines

RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS - Will no longer be governed under the Radiological Services Program.

Leak Testing
Instrument Calibration
NORM Surveys

QUALIFIED EXPERTS - Will only apply to radiation producing equipment.
Medical Physicist
Certified Health Physicist

How to apply for registration:

Application for a new or renewed registration must be made by completing the Department's application form. Once the application form is completed print and remit to the address below. The submitted application should include all supporting documentation.  The application form is available for downloading (PDF Format) at the link below:

Radiological Services Application (Pdf)

Vendor Application Guidance

The following document must be posted in the workplace as required by Part 10 of the New Mexico Radiation Protection Regulations.     Notice to Employees (PDF format)

Who to contact about this program:

For questions on how to file the application or for general information:
James K. Hesch, Radiation Specialist
(505) 476-8611 Phone or (505) 670-4397
(505) 476-8654 Fax

Mailing Address

Radiation Control Bureau
New Mexico Environment Department
Monotoya Bldg
1100 St. Francis Drive , Suite 2022
Post Office Box 5469
Santa Fe, NM 87502-5469

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