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Important Opportunity to Dispose of Class A Radioactive Sources (Click this Link)


The Department has completed an internal audit of the New Mexico Statutes and Administrative Code that governs the Radiological Services Program.  This audit has led the Department to conclude that the Radiological Services Registration Program only applies to radiation equipment as cited in 74-3-8 NMSA 1978. The Radiation Control Bureau is implementing new requirements for all applicable service providers who conduct radiological services within the State and are based on proof of certification and/or accreditation by an Department recognized institution, as well as satisfactory completion of the application.   Beginning April 17, 2012 the Department will re-implement the registration of all applicable vendors.  This new policy is adopted to ensure that all individuals conducting radiological services within the State meet the current statutes and New Mexico Administrative code.

Registrations will be authorized for a maximum of two-years.

Within the following weeks all applicable radiological services vendors who have successfully completed and submitted their application for registration will receive their registration certificates.  All previously issued certificates of registration applying to the use of radioactive materials will no longer be recognized.

If you intend to conduct radiological related services that may involve radioactive materials – You shall first ensure that those activities are not subject to radioactive materials licensure.

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The federal government has set up a new web link to access all federal agencies latest information on the Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami situation (Japan 2011).

Japan 2011 Earthquake/Tsunami


image gently

Let's image gently when we care for kids! The image gently Campaign is an initiative of the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging. The campaign goal is to change practice by increasing awareness of the opportunities to lower radiation dose in the imaging of children.

See Campaign website


New Mexico Radiologic Technologist Program Name has Change to Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Program

Our name has changed to the NM Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Program from the NM Radiologic Technologist Program as a result of new legislation that was signed into law on April 6, 2009 by Governor Bill Richardson.  The Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Health and Safety Act [61-14E-1 NMSA 1978], Sections 1 through 12.  In addition to changing the program name, The Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Health and Safety Act [61-14E-1 NMSA 1978], section 5.1, creates a new advisory council that is appointed by the Governor. 

This new advisory council will make recommendations of rules that must be approved by the Environment Improvement Board.  To see appointed members of the MEDICAL IMAGING and RADIATION THERAPY ADVISORY COUNCIL (click here)

We are changing our application forms that will be used to apply for all types of services offered by the Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Program. 


New Mexico Environment Department Radon Program

Radon test kits can be requested online using the “New Mexico Radon Program” link at or by calling 1-800-324-5928 and following the instructions for “The State of New Mexico Radon Test Kit Program” option.

While supplies last, these radon test kits are free to New Mexico residents, limited to one per household, on a first come, first served basis. Once the supply of pre-purchased kits has been exhausted, or if you wish to purchase additional kits, you can do so at the discounted price of $7 per test kit. Test kits, whether obtained free or purchased, include laboratory analysis and postage at no additional cost as part of this program.


New Mexico Radioactive Material Licensees Subject to the NRC Increased Controls Order

The New Mexico Radiation Control Bureau is imposing additional requirements on licensees that possess radioactive sealed sources above quantities of concern (Table 1 of the NRC Increased Controls Order).  All licensees possessing Category 1 or 2 radioactive sealed sources, must initially register/report by January 31, 2009 each source which is above the quantities of concern, with the National Source Tracking System (NSTS) maintained by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

This requirement is based on the following NRC rules:

“National Source Tracking System” Rule finalized on November 8, 2006 (71 FR 65685);


Amended Rule on October 19, 2007 to revise compliance date (72 FR 59162)

Registration/reporting of all Category 1 or 2 sealed sources must be completed initially by January 31,2009 using one of the following means:

          1. Online. The NSTS database will be available for reporting in January 2009.  For additional information on website address, availablity of the NSTS database, or help with reporting to the NSTS database, licensees may contact NSTS Help Desk at 1-877-671-6787 or by email  Licensees can also contact our Bureau staff at (505) 476-3236 (Dan Hill), or (505) 476-3061 (Daniela Bowman), or (505) 827-2345 (Walter Medina);
          2. By facsimile (using NRC Form 748) at (240) 403-4391;
          3. By mail (using NRC Form 748) to the address: Lockheed Martin, NSTS Help Desk, 30 West Gude Drive, Suite 300, Rockville, MD 20850;
          4. By telephone 1-877-671-6787 with follow-up by facsimile or mail of the NRC Form 748.

NRC Form 748 can be downloaded from the website

After the initial reporting, licensees must report/register all radioactive sealed sources above the Category 1 or 2 quantities to the NSTS database every time they receive or transfer such sources.  Reporting of received or transferred sources must be done by the next business day.  Radioactive sources decayed below the Category 1 or 2 quantities do not need to be reported.  Any errors in the NSTS reporting must be corrected within 5 business days of the discovery.

On an annual basis, licensees must

  1. Reconcile and verify their inventory previously entered in the NSTS database;
  2. Conduct this verification and reconciliation during the month of January of each year;
  3. Conduct the verification by comparing of their actual inventory to the listing in the NSTS database;
  4. Resolve discrepancies by completing/correcting the NSTS reports.  

Fingerprinting and Criminal History Records Check

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) issued an order in 2005 (EA-05-090) requiring implementation of an enhanced radioactive materials security provision called “Increased Controls” (ICs). As an Agreement State, New Mexico implemented the ICs in November 2005 through a license condition for all New Mexico radioactive material licensees subject to the requirements of the order.  As a part of the ICs Order, the New Mexico radioactive material licensees were required to determine that each person with access to radioactive material is sufficiently trustworthy and reliable.  The ICs Order includes direction and guidance on specific factors which may be considered when making that determination.

Regulations promulgated under the newly enacted Energy Policy Act of 2005, amended fingerprinting requirements of the Atomic Energy Act (AEA) to cover “any individual who is permitted unescorted access to radioactive material or other property subject to regulation by the NRC.”  Therefore, the NRC is imposing the fingerprinting and FBI identification and criminal history records check requirements set forth in Order EA-07-305 on all their licensees which are currently authorized to possess radioactive material in “quantities of concern.”

New Mexico must now implement the Order EA-07-305 on all our radioactive material licensees that are authorized to possess radioactive material in quantities of concern.  The Radiation Control Bureau is implementing the requirements of the Order by administratively amending all affected radioactive material licenses to include a license condition requiring licensees to complete the fingerprinting and FBI identification and criminal history records check.

Before June 5, 2008, the affected New Mexico licensees (new applicants for radioactive material license and current licensees) will have 6 months to comply with the new "Fingerprinting and Criminal History Records Check" license condition requirements.  New applicants for a New Mexico radioactive material license after June 5, 2008, must demonstrate that they are in compliance with the ICs Order (EA-05-090) and Fingerprinting and Criminal History Records Check Order (EA-07-305) the first day the licensees are in possession of radioactive material quantities of concern.

Interested persons can visit the following NRC web site for copies of the ICs Order (EA-05-090) and Fingerprinting and Criminal History Records Check Order (EA-07-305) and guidance on the implementation of these orders:

Licensees may also call the Radiation Control Bureau at (505) 476-3060 for concerns or questions on these orders.


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