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Grant and Loan Programs

Recycling and Illegal Dumping Fund Grants - NOW CLOSED

To protect health and welfare of current and future residents of New Mexico by providing for the prevention and abatement of illegal dumpsites and promoting environmentally sound methods for reuse and recycling.

Up to $800,000 of funding available annually for:

  • Offsetting the cost of scrap tire collection and recycling
  • Establishing recycling facilities
  • Purchasing equipment for recycling and scrap tire management
  • Performing marketing regarding recycling and scrap tire management
  • Purchasing products produced by a recycling facility
  • Providing educational outreach regarding scrap tire management, recycling, and illegal dumping
  • Developing recycling infrastructure
  • Abating illegal dumpsites
  • Contracting with vendors to promote recycling

At least two-thirds of budgeted grant money in each fiscal year is allocated to tire abatement and recycling programs, and one-third is allocated to abatement of illegal dumping and recycling of other solid wastes. Matching funds and in-kind contributions are not required but are encouraged.

Grants are only available for:

  • Municipalities
  • Counties
  • Tribal nations, pueblos, and tribes
  • Land grant communities
  • Cooperative associations (as defined in the Recycling and Illegal Dumping Act)
  • Solid waste authorities

Ineligible entities are encouraged to partner with eligible entities. The applicant must be able to complete the project within one year.

Layne Duesterhaus, 505-827-2828,

Solid Waste Facility Grant Applications -- NOW CLOSED

The Solid Waste Bureau expects to begin receiving FY18 Solid Waste Facility Grant Applications in April 2017 after receiving notice from the Legislature regarding the approval of a final budget. Questions regarding the Solid Waste Facility Grants should be directed to the Solid Waste Bureau Chief, Auralie Ashley-Marx, at (505) 827-2775 and

The Construction Programs Bureau oversees an additional funding program:


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