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Recycling and Diversion Information

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Recycling and Diversion Rates for Counties in New Mexico

All numbers cited in the following documents are "as reported" to the Solid Waste Bureau in the Annual Report.  (All amounts are reported in tons.)

Recycling Rate

The recycling rate is calculated by dividing all in-state generated recycled materials, by all in-state generated MSW totals.  Included in the MSW stream is the normal household waste and commercial waste, glass, lead-acid batteries, white goods, paper, plastics, textiles, tires, wood, yard trimmings, and other waste.  MSW does not include out-of-state waste,  C & D, clean fill, industrial waste, infectious waste, and other special waste.

Diversion Rate

The diversion rate in New Mexico includes all materials recycled plus materials beneficially used.  The diversion rate is calculated by dividing all in-state generated recycled and beneficially used material, by all in-state generated MSW, C & D, clean fill, and divertible special waste (Sludge, Offal, PCS, etc.) totals.

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