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SWQB prepares and submits an assessment of surface waters by April 1st of every even numbered year.  Although our monitoring section collects data during our rotational watershed surveys to update water quality assessments of a number of waterbodies each listing cycle, we realize that many other organizations, both within and outside of state government, may also collect water quality data that may be incorporated into development of the Integrated List.

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Lynette Guevara
Assessment Coordinator
(505) 827-2904

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San Antonio Download the 292 kb PDF today...
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What kind of information is needed?
SWQB is specifically seeking chemical, physical, biological, habitat, and bacteriological (i.e., E. coli) data for any streams, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs in the state, preferably acquired within the last 5 years, that can be compared to water quality standards published in 20.6.4 NMAC. Watersheds of particular interest vary depending upon our most recent rotational watershed surveys (see for a list).

How to submit data and supporting information

Several items must be submitted in order to determine data eligibility for assessment, including the below.  See Submission Guidelines for additional details:

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CONTACT INFO - Contact information for the entity that generated the data set;

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ELECTRONIC DATA - Data packages must be provided in electronic format (Excel or compatible format - see data template with example data) and include, at a minimum, the information in the template.  Please also include information on any citable reports summarizing the data, if available; and

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QUALITY ASSURANCE SUMMARY – First time data submitted must be accompanied by a description of the quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) protocols under which the data were collected. All data submissions from outside sources will be reviewed by the SWQB QA Officer using the submission checklist to ensure the suitability of the QA/QC procedures under which the data were collected. Specifically, submitted documentation associated with the dataset will be reviewed to determine: (1) if there is documentation of QA/QC procedures that, at a minimum, meet the QA/QC requirements described in the SWQB’s most recent quality assurance project plan (QAPP); and (2) if there is reasonable evidence or assurance that these procedures were followed. If these minimum requirements are met, the submitted data will be incorporated in the data set used to make attainment decisions.

Data packages will be evaluated and incorporated as appropriate into future draft CWA §303(d)/§305(b) Integrated Lists. Data packages submitted after the cut off date for a particular Integrated List may be considered for the development of subsequent Integrated Lists. For additional information, please contact the SWQB Assessment Coordinator, Ms. Lynette Guevara directly at or (505) 827-2904.


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ASSESSMENT PROTOCOLS  - The Assessment Protocols explains how the SWQB evaluates existing and readily available surface water quality data and other information to determine whether or not surface water quality standards are being attained.

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QUALITY ASSURANCE PROJECT PLAN – The QAPP is a formal planning document for environmental data collection activities that describes the data collection procedures and the necessary quality assurance and quality control activities that must be implemented to ensure that the results are sufficient and adequate to satisfy the stated performance criteria.

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STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES - These SOPs serve as guidance to SWQB personnel engaged in monitoring of New Mexico surface waters.

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EXAMPLE PROJECT QAPPs - Potential submitters should review the following sample documents to understand the level of detail SWQB is requesting in a Sampling and Analysis Plan:

Bulleted item... San Antonio Creek PQAPP; and
Bulleted item... Santa Fe River Field Sampling Plan.

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