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June 2009 Update

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This 278-page compendium is now available as a single download (20.4 MB) or as a set of 23 interactive files of varying sizes for increased ease of transmittal (see below). This work represents several years collaboration between both public and private organizations, groups and individuals. The many groups and their representatives who shared information about their goals, priorities, and project details during meetings and site tours provided invaluable background and assistance. We are particularly grateful to the landowners who allowed access to their properties and discussed ideas and concerns about watershed improvement. These acknowledgments would be incomplete without recognition of the many researchers, practitioners, and land stewards who are working to understand and protect the ecosystems of the Southwest's watersheds. Successful efforts to improve these resources would not be possible without them.

John Moeny
Silver City Office
(575) 956-1548

This Watershed Improvement Plan and Strategy (WIPS) is an inventory and data resource in support of a science-based approach to watershed resource planning. Watershed remediation work to improve deteriorated conditions is often supported by federal funds made available through Section (§)319 provisions of the Clean Water Act (CWA). This WIPS is a required component in New Mexico to securing §319 non-point source pollutant grant funding through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and New Mexico Environment Department.  The CWA requires each state to identify surface waters within its boundaries that are not meeting, or expected to meet, water quality standards. In 1998 a statewide task force identified 21 out of 83 New Mexico watersheds as Category I, “in need of restoration.” The Gila River is designated as a Category I watershed.

Bulleted item Title, cover and contact pages 234 kb
Bulleted item Table of Contents & Acknowledgements 74 kb
Bulleted item Section 1 - Why a WIPS? 471 kb
Bulleted item Section 2 - Watershed Geography: Geology, Topography, History, Economics, and Land Ownership/Management 2.0 MB
Bulleted item Section 3 - Watershed Conditions 3.0 MB
Bulleted item Section 4 - The Clean Water Act: Implementation on the Gila Watershed 376 kb
Bulleted item Section 5 - The Clean Water Act: §319 and TMDLs on the Gila Watershed 122 kb
Bulleted item Black Canyon Creek Subwatershed (East Fork Gila River to headwaters)
845 kb
Bulleted item Canyon Creek Subwatershed (Middle Fork Gila River to headwaters)
882 kb
Bulleted item East Fork Gila River Subwatershed
3.0 MB
Bulleted item Mogollon Creek Subwatershed above USGS Gaging Station
776 kb
Bulleted item Sapillo Creek Subwatershed below Lake Roberts
967 kb
Bulleted item Taylor Creek Subwatershed below Wall Lake
940 kb
Bulleted item Mangas Creek Subwatershed from Mangas Springs to the Gila River
1.0 MB
Bulleted item Centerfire Creek Subwatershed (San Francisco River to headwaters)
1.2 MB
Bulleted item South Fork Negrito Creek Subwatershed (North Fork confluence to headwaters)
910 kb
Bulleted item San Francisco River Subwatershed, Centerfire Creek to Arizona Border
989 kb
Bulleted item Tularosa River Subwatershed, San Francisco River to Apache Creek
1.0 MB
Bulleted item Whitewater Creek Subwatershed:  San Francisco River to Campground
859 kb
Bulleted item Section 6 - Watershed Planning, Strategies for Improvement, and Monitoring of Results 2.4 MB
Bulleted item Section 7 - Resources 191 kb
Bulleted item


103 kb
Bulleted item Appendix A: Comment Sheet for Gila River WIPS Users 69 kb

This document was prepared by Ms. Ellen Soles of the Northern Arizona University, under contract to the New Mexico Environment Department’s Surface Water Quality Bureau – Watershed Protection Section, through federal Clean Water Act § 319(h) Funding Grant FY05-G, Gila Watershed Partnership of NM.

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