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The Point Source Regulation Section (PSRS) conducts National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) compliance inspections on behalf of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA).  This inspection report was sent to the USEPA in Dallas, for their review and has been used by USEPA to determine compliance with the NPDES permitting program in accordance with requirements of the federal Clean Water Act.  The following is a link to the inspection itself and a list of its accompanying appedices and LANL/LANS's response document. All files require PDF Reader or an equivalent software to view.

Bruce Yurdin
Program Manager
(505) 827-2795

NPDES Compliance Inspection Report NM0030759
Bulleted Item Appendix A: All Sites Overview
Bulleted Item Appendix B: Revised From Application
Bulleted Item Appendix C: LANL and DOE OB Sampling Location Maps
Bulleted Item Appendix D: Soil Data Maps
Bulleted Item Appendix E: LANL Inspection Photgraphs - September 2014
Bulleted Item Appendix F: Example CoC with Controls Letter
Bulleted Item Appendix G: Gross Alpha Studies
Bulleted Item Appendix H: Corrective Action Status Table
Bulleted Item Appendix I: LANL Monitoring Implementation Plan - February 25, 2014
LANL Response to the NMED Compliance Evaluation Inspection for NPDES Storm Water Individual Permit NM0030759, August 25-28, 2014 and September 12, 2014
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Please send comments or question about this inspection report to:
Bruce Yurdin, Point Source Regulation Section Program Manager

B r u c e . Y u r d i n @ s t a t e . n m . u s

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New Mexico Environment Department
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