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The Statewide Water Quality Management Plan and Continuing Planning Process (WQMP/CPP) provides a concise summary of the water quality management system in New Mexico and the roles of the major participants in that system. It fulfills the requirements of Sections 208 and 303 of the federal Clean Water Act and Section 74-6-4.B of the New Mexico Water Quality Act, that the State maintain a comprehensive water quality management program and develop a continuing planning process to keep the program updated.

The 2011 comprehensive update was approved by the Water Quality Control Commission (WQCC) on May 10, 2011 and by the US Environmental Protection Agency's Region 6 Offices (EPA) on December 23, 2011Appendix A was adopted by the WQCC in November 2010 and approved by US EPA on April 11, 2013. Appendix B listing approved TMDLs is updated continuously whenever new TMDLs are approved by the WQCC and the EPA.  Changes between this comprehensive update and its two predecessor documents (2003 WQMP and 2004 CPP) are summarized on this crosswalk.

Jennifer Fullam
Standards Coordinator
505- 827-2637

US EPA-Approved WQMP-CPP December 23 , 2011

304 kb

Download the 304 kb PDF today...
US EPA Approval Letter & Technical Support Document - April 11, 2013 262 kb Download the 262 kb PDF today...

(NOTEChanges to Appendix A were adopted by the WQCC in November 2010 and approved by US EPA in April 2013.)

(Approved May 10, 2011)

bulleted item Appendix A:  Antidegradation Policy Implementation Procedure* 181 kb Download the 181 kb PDF today...
bulleted item Appendix B:  Approved TMDLs in New Mexico (2017) 218 kb Download the 34 kb PDF today...
bulleted item Appendix C:

Hydrology Protocol for the Determination of uses supported by Ephemeral, Intermittent and Perennial Waters

430 kb Download the 430 kb PDF today...
bulleted item Cover sheet: Hydrology Protocol Use Attainability Analysis for an Ephemeral Stream 33 kb Download the 33 kb MS Word file today...
bulleted item Hydrology Determination Field Sheets 83 kb Download the 83 kb MS Word file today...


bulleted item WQCC-Approved WQMP-CPP May 10, 2011 333 kb Download the 333 kb PDF today...
bulleted item Response to Comments
on 2011 DRAFT WQMP/CPP and Hydrology Protocol
1.3 MB Download the 1.3 MB PDF today...
bulleted item WQMP-CPP Public Comment Draft
January 2011
535 kb Download the 535 kb PDF today...
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What were the primary goals of the 2011 update?


Consolidate the WQMP and CPP into one document, and establish the process for updating the consolidated document;


Incorporate changes and new developments that have occurred over the last several years, including water quality standards amendments, completion of the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) settlement agreement requirements, update of the Nonpoint Source Management Program, development of a wetlands program, adoption of Underground Injection Control regulations, and creation of a Water Cabinet focused on water and wastewater infrastructure;


Add references to new regulations for Section 401 certification of NPDES and Dredge/Fill Permits;


Compile and update the TMDL list, and improve the process description for establishing TMDLs;


Add the Hydrology Protocol as an appendix and explain how it is to be used; and


Update program descriptions and citations to referenced documents.

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What is the Hydrology Protocol and why was it a part of this WQMP/CPP update?

The Hydrology Protocol is a technical document that was developed to distinguish between ephemeral, intermittent and perennial streams and rivers in New Mexico. It also generates documentation of the uses supported by those waters as a result of the flow regime. Recently approved triennial review amendments to the water quality standards allow the use of the Hydrology Protocol to expedite the approval of standards for ephemeral waters (see Section NMAC).

The Hydrology Protocol went through one round of public comment in 2009. SWQB made appropriate revisions, wrote a response to comments, and proposed the protocol be approved as an appendix to the WQMP/CPP. Section II.C in the draft WQMP/CPP explains how the protocol can be used to provide technical support for a use attainability analysis, to determine the hydrology of unclassified waters, or to identify unclassified waters within an otherwise classified segment.  The Hydrology Protocol is designed solely to aid in water quality standards determination and the resulting determinations have no bearing on water rights or other non-SWQB programs.


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