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The Upper Rio Grande watershed from Pilar, New Mexico to the Colorado Border requires thirteen separate TMDL planning documents on eleven discrete reaches:

Comanche Creek - Temperature

Costilla Creek - Temperature

Rio de los Pinos - Temperature

Rio Fernando de Taos - Specific Conductance, Temperature

Rio Grande - Temperature

Rio Grande del Rancho - Specific Conductance

Rio Hondo - Temperature

Rio Pueblo de Taos - Temperature (3 separate locations), Stream Bottom Deposits

Rio San Antonio - Temperature

SWQB obtained approval for the final draft TMDLs at the November 9th, 2004 Water Quality Control Commission meeting.  US EPA submitted their approval letter to New Mexico on December 17, 2004.

The full 280-page document has been divided into 20 separate Adobe Acrobat files for faster downloads:

Front Page, Table of Contents (376 kb)

Executive Summary (437 kb)

Introduction (207 kb)

Background (1.2 MB)

Individual Watershed Descriptions (3.2 MB)

Specific Conductance (589 kb)

Stream Bottom Deposits (341 kb)

Temperature (1.1 MB)

Monitoring Plan (201 kb)

Implementation of TMDLs (93 kb)

Assurances (92 kb)

Public Participation (182 kb)

References (242 kb)

Appendix A:

Conversion Factor Derivation (174 kb)

Appendix B:

Pollutant Source(s) Documentation Protocol (3.3 MB)

Appendix C:

Cross-Section Survey, Pebble Count, and Habitat Field Data (7.6 MB)

Appendix D:

Thermograph Summary Data and Graphics (1.5 MB)

Appendix E:

Hydrology, Geometry, and Meterological Input Data for SSTEMP (2.1 MB)

Appendix F:

SSTEMP Model Run Output (271 kb)

Appendix G:

Public Participation Process Flowchart (124 kb)

Appendix H:

Response to Comments (106 kb)


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