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The Rio Hondo Watershed TMDLs (Part 2)

(Taos County - Final Approved Version)

The Rio Hondo TMDL

The Rio Hondo TMDL from the South Fork of the Rio Hondo to Lake Fork Creek, New Mexico USA required one TMDL planning document for Nutrient Contamination.  Parameters of concern include Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphorus.

The full 143-page document with its 7 appendices are now available as AdobeŪ AcrobatŪ files for downloading:

Rio Hondo TMDL (complete 2.1MB Get the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader TODAY!)


WQCC Approved

USEPA Approved


Trouble Downloading?

of the entire 2.1 MB Rio Hondo TMDL (Part 2) today!  Please be sure to include the TMDL title, your name, address and how many copies you are requesting in your message...

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