New Mexico Environment Department - Surface Water Quality Bureau

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Our mission is to preserve, protect and improve New Mexico's surface water quality for present and future generations.

The Surface Water Quality Bureau (SWQB) has several ongoing long-term projects that are important components of New Mexico's Water Quality Management Plan:

Total Maximum Daily Loads

TMDLs can be best described as watershed or basin-wide budgets for pollutant influx to a watercourse.  This process necessarily involves state and federal agencies, local water users and other concerned citizens as well as the Public at-large.

In reality, a TMDL is a planning document.  The Monitoring and Assessment Section determines the adequacy and significance of water quality and other supporting data, reviews the effectiveness of existing water quality protection and pollution control measures, evaluates existing management strategies and develops potential new water quality management implementation strategies. The program interactively uses the full resources of the bureau to develop and coordinate materials that support the current CWA 303(d)305(b) Integrated List for the State of New Mexico.




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