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The intent of this manual is to provide a document that elaborates on the subject matter listed in the State Certification Need-To-Know Criteria. The manual will serve a dual purpose in that the operator will have the necessary information needed to study for their State Certification tests as well as an on-hand reference manual that can be used to optimize their treatment processes.

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The application deadline is Wednesday, June 22, 2016 for the New Mexico Water and Wastewater Association's Exam to be held at Acoma Sky City Casino Hotel I-40 West, Exit 102 in Acoma Friday, July 22, 2016.


NOTE: Test Dates, Locations and Fees are subject to change.

This manual has been created as a tool to assist wastewater systems operators in New Mexico in preparation for taking the New Mexico Collection Systems Operator, Small Wastewater Systems Operator, and Wastewater Systems Operator certification exams. There are two classes of Collection Systems Operator certification, two classes of Small Wastewater Systems Operator certification, and four classes of Wastewater System Operator certification. The guide is intended to be a complete reference manual for technical information. Its purpose is to guide the reader to study material for each of the major subject areas for each of the classes. There is no implied claim that the study manual covers every possible point on which an operator may be tested. However, it is intended to be comprehensive in its coverage of the essential information for each exam.

The Wastewater Systems Operator Certification Study Manual was produced by the NMSU DACC WUTAP (New Mexico State University, Doña Ana Community College, Water Utilities Technical Assistance Program) and funded by the New Mexico Environment Department's Surface Water Quality Bureau - Utility Operators Certification Program. Members of the WUTAP staff - Robert Gott, Program Coordinator; Robert George & Bernie Garcia, Field Training Specialists; and Nancy Gott, Office Manager - are solely responsible for the writing, editing, and compilation of this manual.

This study guide is available online as a single PDF download (8.0 MB PDF) or divided into 23 Adobe Acrobat files, including sixteen chapters and five appendices for easy online referencing.

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Complete Study Manual

8.0 MB

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Cover Pages and Brief Introduction

776 kb

Table of Contents

268 kb

Chapter 1. Introduction to Wastewater Characteristics & Treatment

370 kb

Chapter 2. Operator Safety

339 kb

Chapter 3. Plant Pretreatment

311 kb

Chapter 4. Wastewater Collection Systems

763 kb

Chapter 5. Wastewater Treatment Ponds

734 kb

Chapter 6. Sedimentation

742 kb

Chapter 7. Fixed Film Secondary Treatment

782 kb

Chapter 8. Mechanical Systems

1.1 MB

Chapter 9. Disinfection

647 kb

Chapter 10. Activated Sludge

1.5 MB

Chapter 11. Solids Handling

492 kb

Chapter 12. Tertiary Treatment

263 kb

Chapter 13. Nitrogen Removal

502 kb

Chapter 14. Wastewater Laboratory

424 kb

Chapter 15. Sampling and Reporting

332 kb

Chapter 16. State and Federal Regulations

271 kb

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Appendix A. Wastewater Math - Common Equivalents Used to Solve Wastewater Math Problems

218 kb

Appendix B Wastewater Math - Formulas Used to Solve Wastewater Math Problems

231 kb

Appendix C. Fecal Coliform - how to Calculate Geometric Mean

221 kb

Appendix D. Definitions and Calculations for DMRS

249 kb

Appendix E. Glossary of Wastewater Terms

1.6 MB

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Bulleted item... Water Systems Operator Certification Study Manual


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Supervisory Leadership Certificate Program
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Certified New Mexico Utility Operators can now check their current status for training, certification and renewal records through our online database
Bulleted item... NOTICE Additional fees are now assessed for replacement Operator ID cards and training certificates.  Fill out and send us back the online form to replace your missing items today.


Eric Hall (505) 827-2804
Anne Keller (505) 827-0149
April Salazar (505) 827-2802
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