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Our mission is to preserve, protect, and improve New Mexico's
surface water quality for present and future generations.

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Sitting Bull Falls, Lower Pecos Watershed - New Mexico USA


Bulleted item Upcoming Training Events:
Bulleted item 2015 Exam Schedule
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Supervisory Leadership Certificate Program

Bulleted item Water Sampling/WW Laboratory Certifications Clarification Memo.
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Certified New Mexico Utility Operators can now check their current status for training, certification and renewal records through our online database.
Bulleted item NOTICE Additional fees are now assessed for replacement Operator ID cards and training certificates.  Fill out and send us back the online form to replace your missing items today.
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The application deadline is Wednesday, September 9th, 2015 for the New Mexico Rural Water Association's Northern New Mexico Mini- Conference training at Highlands University - Student Center, 1005 Diamond Street, in Las Vegas on Thursday, October 8th, 2015.

NOTE: Test Dates, Locations and Fees are subject to change.


Please visit this site for updates:


Bulleted item Jemez Supplimental Field Sampling Plan
Bulleted item WQS  Triennial Review Public Hearing Notice
Bulleted item REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: Mapping and Classification of Wetlands in the Sacramento Mountains Region of Southwestern New Mexico
3:00 PM September 23, 2015
Bulleted item... Public Notice
Bulleted item Upper Gallinas Watershed Wetland Action Plan released
Bulleted item Final DRAFT TMDL for the Sacramento Mountains
Bulleted item REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: Rapid Assessment Method for Springs in Southwest New Mexico
3:00 PM October 1, 2015
Bulleted item... Public Notice
Bulleted item Summer 2015 Clearing The Waters
Bulleted item Rio Nutrias Watershed-Based Plan released
Bulleted item WQCC Approved TMDL update for the Mora River
Bulleted item WATER QUALITY SAMPLING SUMMARY: Jemez River Watershed
Bulleted item Water Quality Standards Triennial Review WQCC Hearing
Bulleted item Water Quality Sampling Summary: Rio Chama Watersheds Water Quality Survey
Bulleted item Canadian River and Dry Cimarron River Watersheds 2015-2016 Field Sampling Plan
Bulleted item 2014 NPS Annual Report
Bulleted item Lower Pecos Watershed Survey Summary released
Bulleted item Technical Guide #2:
Characterization and Restoration of Slope Wetlands in New Mexico
Bulleted item Paso del Norte Watershed-Based Plan released
Bulleted item USEPA Approves NPS Management Plan
Bulleted item USEPA Approves 303d-305b List/Report
Bulleted item USEPA-Approves Upper Gila, San Francisco, and Mimbres Watersheds TMDL
Bulleted item 2015 Quality Management Plan
Bulleted item Assessing Beaver Habitat on Federal Lands in New Mexico
Bulleted item A Wetlands Action Plan for Santa Fe County

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