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The 2012 New Mexico Watershed Forum
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The New Mexico Watershed Forum is getting closer! The Workshop Schedule has been completed and is now available for your review:  please take a close look at the regional and local events listed below and set aside the dates for your participation!  Contact information for registration is different for each event, so be sure to take care and sign-up early to ensure your spot!

Abe Franklin
WPS Program Manager
(505) 827-2793

Workshops Schedule 3.5 MB Download the 3.5 MB PDF file today...
Download the 3.5 MB Workshops Schedule PDF today!

The 2012 NM Watershed Forum Planning Committee

Julie Bain, Santa Fe National Forest Jeremy Kruger, Bureau of Land Management
Michael Bain, Twin Willows Ranch Susan Rich, NM Forestry Division
Hilary Brinegar, NM Dept. of Agriculture Jim Wanstall, NM Dept. of Agriculture
Abe Franklin, NM Environment Dept. Joe Zebrowski, NM Forest and Watershed Restoration Institute
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For more information, please contact the Planning Committee Coodinator, Abe Franklin, at the address or phone number provided above.


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