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Annual reports to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provide an overview of nonpoint source (NPS) management related activities conducted in New Mexico throughout the previous year by the Watershed Protection Section (WPS) of the Surface Water Quality Bureau. The reports present the state’s progress in meeting the milestones outlined in the goals and objectives of the New Mexico NPS Management Program, and provide information on reductions in nonpoint source pollutant loading and improvements to water quality of New Mexico watersheds as required under Section (§) 319(h)(11) of the Clean Water Act (CWA). The majority of funding for projects listed in these reports are provided by §319(h) grants awarded to NMED by the EPA. Additional activities included are projects implemented by the WPS Wetlands Program, CWA §401 activities, N.M. Mining Act activities, and NPS projects implemented by other natural resource agencies outside of NMED.

These reports were produced with cooperation
from some of our several partners:

Bulleted Item Bureau of Land Management
Bulleted Item New Mexico State Forestry Division
Bulleted Item New Mexico
Association of Conservation Districts
Bulleted Item United States Forest Service
Bulleted Item Natural Resources Conservation Service

Nonpoint Source Management Program Annual Reports
Bulleted Item 2015 NPS Annual Report    
Bulleted Item 2014 NPS Annual Report Bulleted Item 2007 NPS Annual Report
Bulleted Item 2013 NPS Annual Report Bulleted Item 2006 NPS Annual Report
Bulleted Item 2012 NPS Annual Report Bulleted Item 2005 NPS Annual Report
Bulleted Item 2011 NPS Annual Report Bulleted Item 2004 NPS Annual Report
Bulleted Item 2010 NPS Annual Report Bulleted Item 2002 NPS Annual Report
Bulleted Item 2009 NPS Annual Report Bulleted Item 2001 NPS Annual Report
Bulleted Item 2008 NPS Annual Report Bulleted Item 2000 NPS Annual Report


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