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Surface Water Quality Bureau
Watershed Protection Section

The Watershed Protection Section (WPS) is responsible for implementing the Nonpoint Source Management Program for the State of New Mexico.

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Image: Jemez River headwaters, Valles Caldera National Preserve

Specifically, WPS is responsible for organizing all federal Clean Water Act (CWA) §319(h) related activities in watersheds with TMDLs or with assessed data. Organized efforts include outreach, facilitation, administration and oversight of CWA §319(h) projects.

Abraham Franklin
Program Manager
(505) 827-2793

More specifically, WPS staff cooperatively work to educate others and implement best management practices (BMPs) to reduce nonpoint source (NPS) pollutants from entering the surface and ground water resources of New Mexico. Workplans developed and funded under CWA §319(h) comprise a variety of efforts, including watershed association development, riparian area restoration, spill response, and treatment of abandoned mines.

The WPS also coordinates the state's CWA §401 certification and §404 dredge-and-fill permits with the US Army Corps of Engineers in addition to enforcing portions of the New Mexico Mining Act pertaining to water quality.

New Mexico’s approach to water quality planning and management has evolved substantially over the last three decades, largely in response to the changing federal and state statutory mandates. Although the state currently conducts water quality planning on a statewide level, these efforts are focusing toward more of a watershed level in the context of statewide planning and management efforts. That is, planning and management are moving toward a holistic strategy to protect or attain the desired beneficial uses and levels of water quality within a watershed, including, where appropriate, protection of human health and aquatic ecosystems. A successful watershed protection approach must be founded on cooperative interaction between the federal, state, and local levels of government, and between the public and private sectors.


Bulleted item... 2016 Nonpoint Source Management Program Annual Report
Bulleted item... Lower Animas River Watershed-Based Plan Approved by EPA
      EPA Letter of Approval
Bulleted item... Rio Mora Watershed-Based Plan Approved by EPA
       EPA Letter of Approval
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    EPA Letter of Approval
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Bulleted item

Federal Clean Water Act (CWA) (EXTERNAL LINK)

Bulleted item

US Army Corp of Engineers (EXTERNAL LINK)

Bulleted Item Online CWA §§404 Permit Application (EXTERNAL LINK)
Bulleted Item Conditional §401 Certification for Ephemeral Waters
Bulleted item Dredge-And-Fill Permits
Bulleted Item CWA §404/§401 Water Quality Certification Contact Information
Bulleted item US EPA's Grants Reporting and Tracking System (GRTS database)
Bulleted item Non-Point Source (NPS) Management Plan
Bulleted Item 2014 US EPA Approved NPS Plan
Bulleted Item US EPA Approval Letter - 2015
Bulleted item
2016 Nonpoint Source Management Program Report
Past Nonpoint Source Management Program Annual Reports
Bulleted item Clean Water Action Plan & Unified Watershed Assessment (1998)
Bulleted item List of 319 and River Stewardship Program Projects (2017)
Bulleted Item Spring 2016    
Bulleted Item Winter 2015 Bulleted Item Fall/Winter 2008
Bulleted Item Summer 2015 Bulleted Item Fall/Winter 2007
Bulleted Item Spring 2015 Bulleted Item Summer 2007
Bulleted Item Winter 2014 Bulleted Item Spring 2007
Bulleted Item Summer 2013 Bulleted Item Winter 2006
Bulleted Item Spring 2013 Bulleted Item Fall 2006
Bulleted Item Winter 2012 Bulleted Item Spring/Summer 2006
Bulleted Item Fall 2012 Bulleted Item Fall 2005
Bulleted Item Summer 2012 Bulleted Item Summer 2005
Bulleted Item Winter 2011/12 Bulleted Item Winter/Spring 2005
Bulleted Item Fall 2011 Bulleted Item Winter 2004
Bulleted Item Summer 2011 Bulleted Item Fall 2004
Bulleted Item Spring 2011 Bulleted Item Spring/Summer 2004
Bulleted Item Winter 2010 Bulleted Item Fall 2003
Bulleted Item Fall 2010 Bulleted Item Summer 2003
Bulleted Item Summer 2010 Bulleted Item Spring 2003
Bulleted Item Spring 2010 Bulleted Item Winter 2002
Bulleted Item Winter 2009 Bulleted Item Fall 2002
Bulleted Item Fall 2009 Bulleted Item Spring 2002
Bulleted Item Summer 2009 Bulleted Item July 2001
Bulleted Item Spring 2009 Bulleted Item May 2001
Bulleted item... List of Watershed Groups/Associations in New Mexico Updated July 2016
Bulleted item Additional Funding Sources for Watershed Protection Projects Updated April 2016
Bulleted item Effectiveness Assessment Final Report, 2008 - 2011
Bulleted item Best Management Practices (BMPs)
on the Jarosa Allotment
Bulleted item Storm Water as a Resource
City of Santa Fe (2002)
Bulleted item Living with Beavers A Guide to Solving Beaver - Human Conflicts Bulleted item Water Restoration Action Strategy (WRAS) for Santa Fe (2002)
Bulleted item Microbial Source Tracking (2005)  
Bulleted Item Santa Fe River Watershed Map
Bulleted item Stevens Arroyo Bacteria (2006)  
Bulleted Item Flood Plain Map for Santa Fe
Bulleted item San Juan Bacteria (2005)  
Bulleted Item Geology Map for Santa Fe
Bulleted item San Juan Bacteria (2004)  
Bulleted Item Soils Map for Santa Fe Watershed
Bulleted item Storm Water Ordinances
City of Santa Fe (2002)
Bulleted Item Santa Fe River Watershed Vegetation and Precipitation Map
Bulleted Item Terrain Managment
Bulleted Item Santa Fe Land Ownership Map
Bulleted Item Terrain Definitions
Bulleted Item Current Land Use Map
Bulleted Item Floodway Use & Development
Bulleted Item Future Land Use Map for Santa Fe
Bulleted Item Building Permits
Bulleted item Watershed Planning Main Page
Bulleted Item US EPA Accepted Watershed-Based Plans
Bulleted Item Watershed-Based Plans in Development
Bulleted Item Watershed Restoration Action Strategies
Bulleted Item Wetland Action Plans
Bulleted Item Resources for Developing Watershed-Based Plans
Bulleted item Issues Bulleted item Planning
Bulleted item Healthy Streamside Wetlands Bulleted item New Mexico Rapid Assessment Method for Riverine Wetlands
Bulleted Item Wetland Functions
Bulleted Item Characterization and Restoration of Slope Wetlands in New Mexico
Bulleted Item Manual
Bulleted Item Field Guide
Bulleted item PROJECTS    
Bulleted Item Assessing Beaver Habitat on Federal Lands in New Mexico
Bulleted Item Restoring Wetlands and Wet Meadows on the Valle Caldera National Preserve
Bulleted Item El Restauro, Phase I - Restora-tion on the Upper Rio Grande
Bulleted Item Rio de Las Vacas
Wetlands Restoration
Bulleted Item Exploring Springs and Wetlands and their Relationship with Surface Flows, Geology, and Groundwater in the La Cienega Area of Santa Fe County, New Mexico
Bulleted Item Riverside Recreation Area Wetlands Restoration
Bulleted Item Stewart Meadows Wetland Waterfowl Habitat Partnership
Bulleted Item Planning for Wetlands
in the Galisteo Basin
Bulleted item Types
Bulleted item Partners & References Bulleted item Regulations
Bulleted item Clean Water Act (CWA) Bulleted item Watersheds
Bulleted Item CWA §319 - Nonpoint Source Management Program
Bulleted Item GRTS Database
Bulleted Item CWA §401 - Regulation of Discharges of Dredged or Fill Materials
Bulleted Item CWA §404 - Regulation of Discharges of Dredged or Fill Materials
Bulleted Item CWA §404 Fact Sheet

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