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Water Quality Control Commission Archive


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WQCC Matter 12-01 (R): The Copper Rule
WQCC Matter 12-09 (R): The Dairy Rule
WQCC Matter 13-08 (R): The Dairy Rule – 2nd Petition to Amend 20.6.6 NMAC
WQCC Matter 14-15 (R): A Petition to Amend NMAC and Request for a Hearing

WQCC Matter 15 -05 (CO):

Enterprise Products Operating, LLC’s Request for a Compliance Order Hearing and Answer to Administrative Compliance Order

WQCC Matter 15-06 (R): Proposed revisions to 20.7.5 NMAC: Wastewater Facility Construction Loans and 20.7.6 NMAC: Wastewater Facility Construction Loan Policies and Guidelines
WQCC Matter 16-01 (R): Proposed Adoption of New Mexico Certified Utility Operator Code of Professional Conduct NMAC
WQCC Matter 16-02 (A): In the Matter of the Petition for Alternative Abatement Standards Former Price’s Valley Gold North Dairy, Bernalillo, Sandoval County, New Mexico.  D&G Price Limited Partnership, Petitioner

WQCC Matter 16-03 (R):

In the Matter of Proposed Rulemaking Rules for the Commission, 20.1.6 NMAC 


WQCC Matter 16-04 (R):


In the Matter of: Proposed Amendments to NMAC 

WQCC Matter 17-01 (A):

Petition for Review and Notice of Appeal of the Ground Water Quality Bureau of the New Mexico Environment Department’s Rejection of Waste Control Specialists LLC’s Withdrawal of its Application for Discharge Permit and Determination that a Discharge Permit is Required

WQCC Matter 17-02 (R):

 Proposed Amendments to Ground and Surface Water Protection Regulations, 20.6.2 NMAC

WQCC Matter 17-04 (R):

Proposed Amendments to Surface Water Quality Standards for Dog Canyon and Tecolote Creek, 20.6.4 NMAC


WQCC Matter 17-05 (A)

In the Matter of the Notice of Deficiency: Final Site Investigation Report and Stage 2 Abatement Plan for McCatharn Dairy, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Dated August 10, 2017

WQCC Matter 17-06 (R):

In the Matter of Proposed Revisions to the Rulemaking Rules for the Water Quality Control Commission, 20.1.6 NMAC

WQCC Matter 17-07 (A)

Creekside Dairy GWQB 17-02 (CO)
WQCC Matter 17-08 (A) Rockhill Dairy GWQB 17-03 (CO)

WQCC Matter 17-09 (A):

 Champs Investments DBA La Vista Mobile Home Park GWQC 17-21 (CO)

WQCC Matter 18-01 (R)

In the Matter of Proposed Revisions to: 20.7.5 NMAC-Wastewater Facility Construction Loans

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