NMED WIPP Draft Permit Page


Draft Permit as of April 27, 2010



Table of Contents

Part 1      General Permit Conditions

Part 2      General Facility Conditions

Part 3      Container Storage

Part 4      Geologic Repository Disposal

Part 5      Ground-water Detection Monitoring

Part 6      Closure Requirements

Part 7      Post Closure Care Plan

Part 8      Corrective Action For SWMUs and AOCs


List of Attachments

A            General Facility Description and Process Information

A1           Container Storage

A2           Geologic Repository

A3           Drawing Number 51-W-214-W, "Underground Facilities Typical Disposal Panel"

A4           Traffic Patterns

B            Hazardous Waste Permit Application Part A

C            Waste Analysis Plan

C1           Waste Characterization Sampling Methods

C2           Statistical Methods Used in Sampling and Analysis

C3           Quality Assurance Objectives and Data Validation Techniques for Waste Characterization Sampling and Analytical Methods

C4           TRU Mixed Waste Characterization Using Acceptable Knowledge

C5           Quality Assurance Project Plan Requirements

C6           Waste Isolation Pilot Plant DOE Audit and Surveillance Program

C7           DOE Level TRU Waste Confirmation Process

D            RCRA Contingency Plan

E            Inspection Schedules/Procedures

F             Personnel Training

F1           RCRA Hazardous Waste Management Job Titles and Descriptions

F2           Training Course and Qualification/Certification Card Outlines

G            Closure Plan

G1          Technical Specifications, Panel Closure System, Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

G1-G       Technical Specifications

G1-H       Design Drawings

G2          Shaft Sealing System Compliance Submittal Design Report

G2-A       Material Specifications

G2-B       Shaft Sealing Construction Procedures

G2-E        Design Drawings

G3          Radiological Surveys to Indicate Potential Hazardous Waste Releases

H            Post-Closure Plan

H1          Active Institutional Controls

I             Compliance Schedule (Reserved)

J             Hazardous Waste Management Unit Tables

K            Solid Waste Management Unit (SWMU) and Area of Concern (AOC) Tables

L             WIPP Groundwater Detection Monitoring Program Plan

M            Figures (Reserved)

N            Volatile Organic Compound Monitoring Plan

N1          Hydrogen and Methane Monitoring Plan

O            Mine Ventilation Rate Monitoring Plan







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