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A State Report Required By The U.S. Congress Under §§303(d) and
305(b) of the Clean Water Act

Appendix B - Breakout by Hydrologic Unit Codes (HUCs) 303(d)/305(b) Integrated List

USEPA Acceptance Letter, September 10, 2004
Record of Decision, December 8, 2004

Key to Appendix B

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PART 1:  The Canadian Basin Review and Print the 204 kb Adobe Acrobat file today! 204 kb

Hydrologic Unit Code Watershed Name
11020010 Pergatoire
11040001 Cimarron Headwaters
11040002 Upper Cimarron
11080001 Canadian Headwaters
11080002 Cimarron
11080003 Upper Canadian
11080004 Mora
11080005 Conchas
11080006 Upper Canadian-Ute Reservoir
Hydrologic Unit Code Watershed Name
11080007 Ute
11080008 Revuelto
11090101 Middle Canadian-Trujillo
11090102 Punta de Agua
11090103 Rita Blanca
11090104 Carrizo
11100101 Upper Beaver
11120101 Tierra Blanca
11120102 Palo Duro

PART 2:  The Southern High Plains Basin Review and Print the 34 kb Adobe Acrobat file today! 34kb

12050001 Yellow House Draw
12050002 Blackwater Draw
12050005 Running Water Draw
12080001 Lost Draw
12080003 Monument-Seminole Draws
12080004 Mustang Draw
12080006 Sulphur Springs Draw

PART 3:  The Rio Grande Basin Review and Print the 573 kb Adobe Acrobat file today! 573kb

13010002 Alamosa-Trinchera
13010005 Conejos
13020101 Upper Rio Grande
13020102 Rio Chama
13020201 Rio Grande-Santa Fe
13020202 Jemez
13020203 Rio Grande-Albuquerque
13020204 Rio Puerco
13020205 Arroyo Chico
13020206 North Plains
13020207 Rio San Jose
13020208 Plains of San Augustin
13020209 Rio Salado
13020210 Jornada del Muerto
13020211 Elephant Butte Reservoir
13030101 Caballo
13030102 El Paso-Las Cruces
13030103 Jornada Draw

PART 4:  The Mimbres Basin Review and Print the 40 kb Adobe Acrobat file today! 40kb

13030201 Playas Lake
13030202 Mimbres

PART 5:  The Tularosa Basin Review and Print the 50 kb Adobe Acrobat file today! 50kb

13050001 Western Estancia
13050002 Eastern Estancia
13050003 Tularosa Valley
13050004 Salt Basin

PART 6:  The Pecos Basin Review and Print the 236 kb Adobe Acrobat file today! 236kb

13060001 Pecos Headwaters
13060002 Pintada Arroyo
13060003 Upper Pecos
13060004 Taiban
13060005 Arroyo Del Macho
13060006 Gallo Arroyo
13060007 Upper Pecos-Long Arroyo
13060008 Rio Hondo
13060009 Rio Felix
13060010 Rio Peñasco
13060011 Upper Pecos-Black
13070001 Lower Pecos-Red Bluff Reservoir
13070002 Delaware
13070007 Landreth-Monument Draws

PART 7:  The San Juan Basin Review and Print the 48 kb Adobe Acrobat file today! 48kb

14080101 Upper San Juan
14080103 Blanco Canyon
14080104 Animas
14080105 Middle San Juan
14080106 Chaco
14080107 Mancos
14080201 Lower San Juan-Four Corners
14080204 Chinle

PART 8:  The Little Colorado Basin Review and Print the 25 kb Adobe Acrobat file today! 25kb

15020001 Little Colorado Headwaters
15020002 Upper Little Colorado
15020003 Carrizo Wash
15020004 Zuni
15020006 Upper Puerco

PART 9:  The Gila Basin Review and Print the 114 kb Adobe Acrobat file today! 114kb

15040001 Upper Gila
15040002 Upper Gila-Mangas
15040003 Animas Valley
15040004 San Francisco
15040006 San Simon
15080302 San Bernadino Valley
15080303 Cloverdale


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2000 New Mexico §305(b) Report (WQCC-Released 04-01-2000)

1998 New Mexico §305(b) Report (WQCC-Released 04-01-1998)

2000 National §305(b) Report (USEPA-Released 10-01-2002)

1998 National §305(b) Report (USEPA-Released 06-01-2000)

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