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A State Report Required By The U.S. Congress Under §§ 303(d) and 305(b) of the Clean Water Act


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   Book Cover Frontispiece - Citation:  Federal Clean Water Act §305(b)
    CWA §305(b) Report Title Page The WQCC Members' Page
    Acknowlegements Table of Contents
    Preface Cover Page Preface

PART I:  EXECUTIVE SUMMARY/OVERVIEW 228 kb Review + print the 228 kb Adobe Acrobat file...

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Part 1: Surface and Ground Water Quality
Surface Water Quality
Ground Water Quality
Part 2: Water Quality Management - The State Role in Water Quality Management
Programs for Surface Water Quality
Programs for Ground Water Quality
Programs for Water Quality Assessment
Program Evaluation
Recommendations for Ground and Surface Water Quality Management

Recommendations to the Congress of the United States 

Nonpoint Source Controls Indian Tribes
Funding Hazardous & Radiological Waste
Federal Facilities Ground Water Quality Management
Delegation of Superfund to States Drinking Water Standards

Recommendations to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit Program
Pretreatment Indian Tribes
Sludge Management Reporting Criteria


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Chapter 1 - New Mexico:  A Geographical Description

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Chapter 2 - New Mexico's Surface Water Basins

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Chapter 3 - The State Role in Water Quality Management

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Overview Responsibilities of the Water Quality Control Commission
Other Programs Relevant to Water Pollution Control

Chapter 4 - Surface Water Quality
in New Mexico

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Water Quality in Assessed Surface Waters
Causes and Sources of Water Quality Impairment
Public Health/Aquatic Life Impacts
Other Water Quality Assessment Measures for Streams and Lakes
Status of New Mexico's Wetlands
Programs for Surface Water Pollution Control
Water Quality Improvements
Programs for Water Quality Assessment
Program Evaluation

Chapter 5 - Ground Water Quality
in New Mexico

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Sources of Ground Water Contamination Programs for Ground Water Pollution Control
NM Water Quality Act and WQCC Regulations NM Oil and Gas Act
NM Hazardous Waste Act Ground Water Protection Act
Emergency Management Act NM Environmental Improvement Act
NM Solid Waste Act Solid Waste Disposal
Other State Programs Federal Programs Related to Ground Water Quality
County & Municipal Authorities Related to Ground Water


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Appendix A Background Information on Surface Waters

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Appendix B 2004 New Mexico Surface Water Assessment

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Appendix C Fish Consumption Guidelines Due to Mercury Contamination

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Appendix D Surface Water Monitoring Systems Information

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Appendix E Summary of State and Local Government Authorities to Control Pollution of Ground and Surface Waters

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2002 New Mexico §305(b) Report (WQCC-Released 04-01-2002)

2000 New Mexico §305(b) Report (WQCC-Released 04-01-2000)

1998 New Mexico §305(b) Report (WQCC-Released 04-01-1998)

2000 National §305(b) Report (USEPA-Released 10-01-2002)

1998 National 305(b) Report (USEPA-Released 06-01-2000)

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This document is presented for the New Mexico Water Quality Control Commission as a deliverable service of the federal CWA § 106 Surface Water funding grant administered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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