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What is the CWNS?

The CWNS is a comprehensive assessment of the capital costs ("needs") required to meet the water quality goals of the Clean Water Act and address water quality and water quality related public health concerns. These capital investment needs are reported to Congress for all states and territories in a formal report and made public for general use.

Survey Scope

The CWNS covers unfunded projects and associated capital costs that address water quality or water quality related public health problems existing as of January 1, 2022 or expected to occur within the next 20 years. Projects must be eligible for funding through the Clean Water State Revolving Fund to be included in the CWNS. Example projects include wastewater treatment and collection projects, decentralized systems, stormwater management projects and nonpoint source pollution control projects.

Why it Matters

The CWNS results are used by:

  • Congress and state legislatures in their budgeting efforts
  • The Sewer Overflow and Stormwater Reuse Municipal Grant Program to determine allocation of funds to states
  • The general public for research and advocacy

Key Dates

March 1, 2022- Data Collection begins

February 28, 2023- Data Collection ends

Late 2023- Report is released

The New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) Construction Programs Bureau (CPB) is coordinating the 2022 New Mexico CWNS. NMED CPB has contracted with Northbridge Environmental Group for assistance with the data collection and compilation.

For more information contact: or

Rhonda Holderman, Financial Manager, Loans and Grants, 505-469-3365

For more information about the national survey go to Clean Watersheds Needs Survey | US EPA

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